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Thread: Aerial Challenge Event: Rewards

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    Yes it really is pathetic when you get first place in your group and you'd rather have second, third, fourth, etc! I was in 2nd, then 3rd. Pretty happy with that. Then somehow my plane really took off and now I'm in first place...and I want to say "ugh". Maybe someone will forge ahead of me? Lol....of course, based on the global scoring I'm not even in the top 200! When I first saw the rewards I thought it was odd that first place didn't have a least one booster ticket. Oh well, should be happy with what we get and be grateful it's a fun event. I am enjoying flying my little red plane.
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    I was first, and as planned I'm second now and I'll be finishing second or third. So hopefully I'll get that coveted booster.

    Gotta say I really liked the decorations that were rewarded. My airport is actually looking a lot more like the place than it did 2 weeks ago!
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    How do you actually claim your reward?

    I had a message from Ernie to check the event board, which I did, saw my placement but no idea how to claim it.

    Perhaps it's too early in the morning for me, time for a coffee and hope brain fires up.

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    I had to,reboot the game, then tap the event centre. The prize should be waiting for you there.
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    Haven't Received Prizes

    I'm in first place and the game is over but I didn't receive the 30tcash and profile pic. Anyone else missing their prizes?

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    Hi alina it takes a while, try restarting your game...your prizes should be there!
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    I just received it. Never waited so long for an event prize before.

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    Yes, the lady pilot popped up this time.

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    I agree it is good to spread out rewards so more than just 1st-3rd and the rewars are good but it should seem more fair for the effort people put in. I think 4th-7th place (Stunt piolets) booster should be swapped for 8th-12th (Hot shots) coupons because three filled train/Plane crates costs much more than T5, and have to use more than that first to use market dealer booster so seems a bit pointless. Three filled crates maybe even better then first place T30!

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    I came first. I tried my best to be 2nd.. all my prayers went to waste. The people in the second and third either did not want the first price or just gave up. I did! The last two days , I stopped trying. I reached a lofty 2900 something and I have no clue how that happened. After that one lucky flight, I was never able to cross 1600.
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