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Thread: Aerial Challenge Event: Rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    The downside of not having FB...
    I don't think you need a FB account to view their page. Try THIS LINK to the game page.

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    Hah, thanks, it works. It didn't even occur to me to look for a facebook page.. )

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    Hi, I have earned the reward 2 which consists of a helicopter trampoline & two tickets for something. I just couldn't figure out what the tickets are. Could anyone kindly tell me what they are & how they can be used? Many thanks!

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    Skuksk: I think those coupons are to fill train or plane crates. Been awhile since I won them, but that is my memory.
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    Nana is right. These are coupons for filling trains or plane.
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the feedback! I have passed it to the devs, and it will surely be reviewed

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    Nana and Graylady, thank you so much indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L&P Star 2 View Post
    I agree that the prizes generally are improving which is welcome.

    I'd totally agree though that on this event they seem to have got the relative prizes between positions wrong.

    1st Place is T-Cash only + Avatar + nothing else
    2nd/3rd is T-Cash + Avatar + Booster

    in previous events 1st place was clearly the best to aim for relatively.

    It's as if they forgot to add on the third element for 1st place. There seems to have been so many oversights and teething problems with this competition that I wonder if it really was just another obvious but glaring oversight they missed

    I'd rather come 2nd or 3rd and get the booster instead of extra T-Cash. T-Cash is easy to come by and can be acquired in many different ways. The boosters are special though and I don't think the one for 2nd/3rd can be acquired in any other way than by doing well in the competition

    Even 4th/5th/6th/7th come with a booster and I'd be quite OK with the idea of finishing in these places to get another booster.

    As mentioned T-Cash can be acquired in so many ways. I've over 3,000 T-Cash so an extra few T$ here and there doesn't mean much, and is no real incentive.
    That is exactly what I try to say. It seems like there is something missing for being 1st place. 15 Tcash vs a special booster? I would definitely trade 15 T-cash to get the special booster.

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    Thank you for posting all the past event and its' reward!
    I would rather they adjust down the T-cash, and still, give the 1st place a booster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Oh my - what spoiled players we have become! You would have really hated many of the earlier Events in years past. Top prize was usually 10 TCash, period. The personal rewards for this event gives us animated decor items, TCash, coupons, boosters, a gem - I think they have been reasonably generous, actually.
    Sorry, I play this game only about 6 month[ps.s i am loving it]!... not sure what happen in the past. But i would think if the top prize is 10 t-cash, then the 2nd/3rd probably only 5 t-cash. My point here is the reward for 1st place is not as good as 2nd/3rd place. Everyone in my co-op is trying to get 2ne/3rd someone even want to get 8th because there is train coupon come with it...

    I really like this event, however, when you reach 1st place, and your friend be like, nobody wants it... how sad it is...

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