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Thread: Have You Ever Quit Playing?

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    Have You Ever Quit Playing?

    I started playing around the beginning of last year and was so enthralled with this game, I started a second town on another device. In both towns, I lined up all the small houses together on the coastline (in front of where the coral reef is right now) to look like a beach cottage community, similar to one I have seen in real life. I was progressing along nicely in with both towns and really loving it and thinking ahead about future design. Then they added the co-op to the game and plopped this monstrosity down on the coastline, right next to my cottages, and it floored me. It ruined the look I was going for and disgusted me so much I quit playing for about a year. I would think about playing again and try but seeing that huge co-op building just turned me off.

    I still really dislike that building. I rearranged the houses to wrap around it and I guess it looks okay but it is NOT the original vision that I had for my town.

    When I see that the developers continue changing or tinkering with decorations I am already using I get the same feeling of annoyance. Not enough to make me stop playing again (yet) but I feel like if they keep on screwing up things that I like, that day might come.

    Have you ever quit playing because there was a change in the game you didn't like? Or some other reason?

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    That is a good question Seahaven.

    I have been playing nonstop everyday for 2-1/2 years now.
    I want to make it to 1000 days in a row.
    After I hit that, I can see myself taking a break.

    Glad you came back. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts.

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    Does sleeping occasionally count?

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    Yes, I'd love to be able to move that co-op building, too.

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    I never stopped playing so far. If the counter would work I should be around 500 consecutive days so far.

    I'm in a really good coop with nice people that keeps me going Don't have the plan of getting 1.000 days in a row or similar. I Wanted to get to lv 100, since then the progress speed slowed down a bit.

    Don't have a problem with the Coop building, what bothers me too is the changing of already bought decoration and stuff. Some looks better now imo or is ok (the bull statue or the colour of the carrots), other things really look bad now (like the king's statue). If Playrix does those changes they can only do it for new players I think, everything that's bought / finished already should stay the same.

    I don't think I will quit the game, or only when fishing events would be the only kind of event in the future, lol. When my girlfriend and me got children I'd stop to play regatta but I would pop in every day for a short time at least. I love to send trains, want to reach 20k trains somewhen (now only 7k so far) so it will take some time to get there. Hope to reach a 5k barn in the future too (at the moment 2.235 only).
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    There are some things I would like to see changed, the municipal court just looks weird to me. But I would almost dread seeing what they would change it to. I did not like the tv tower change and I'm glad they made it smaller but I liked the old design better. A lot of people don't like the fashion house, but some do and they probably would not like to see it change.

    But when it comes to decorations we buy, why change it? Why not just add another option? I guess maybe there is a limit on how many different images can be used, before the data and memory usage becomes cumbersome...but that doesn't seem to be stopping them from adding new decorations all the time, with not enough expansions to allow for the space.

    I keep thinking ahead to figure out how I am going to squeeze everything into my town, and I resent having to give up so much space to ugly apartment buildings and other buildings I don't like. I have maxed out on the foundries, all animals except the second duck feeder, and all available housing. All of these things are helpful, if not necessary, to advance in the game, but there usn't enough space to make everything look how I want it. I have lots of things squished together waiting for more land. I love decorations and want as many as I can get, but in the end, once I have bought all the expansions there won't be enough room. Plus some of the recent decorations have been dissappointing.

    If the regatta was a lot of fun, I might shrug off the coop building but, don't even get me started on that. It has all been said.

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    I've stopped playing it before. It was mostly because I either got bored, forgot about the app (before I decided to turn on the notifications), or the app needed to be updated and I didn't have enough space on my phone for it and didn't feel like clearing space. I haven't done that recently, though. Now I play everyday, but I'm not sure how many consecutive days I've played.

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    I've been playing nonstop everyday. 512 days at this moment.
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    I doubt you are going to get many messages from people who have quit. I mean if I quit, I certainly would not be checking the boards, I would be playing another game I enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, I am still loving this game...But I do feel your pain. They should not be able to change decorations you have already bought! That would make old ones more valuable and unique...And force folks to spend more coins to buy the new (and possibly improved) ones. Of course that might mean some major code changes on their side but it should be possible. Although I have seen little to no evidence of them reading these forums, I still hold out hopes that they are (or are at least getting summary reports). I mean, we are the customers...If we aren't happy, we are going to leave. And we are not going to announce it, we will just go. Like I said, I am not there yet at all, but making changes no one asked for while ignoring the ones we do is a sure fire way to alienate you customer base.
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    I quit on and off. Sometimes the game just bores me and sometimes I lack time to play, or there are other games needing my attention. The last time I didn't return to this game for at least a month. Still, I love the game and it's the best farming/city building game I've played so far.

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