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Thread: level 747

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    level 747

    I tried looking up how to do level 747, and the only videos I could find showed it as a timed level. My level 747 is a limited number of moves-and I don't have any idea how to complete it! Does anyone have any hints? Thanks!

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    Alas, this is not one I remembered to take a screenshot of. Any chance you could share a picture of it with us, or at least describe what you see & what the obstacles are? Also, if there's something specific you're having trouble with, that would be helpful to know (lol I know sometimes the answer is "everything!")

    There's an "upload image" button on the top of the posting box (next to fonts and formatting options). If this doesn't work, or you are on mobile, you can upload it to a site like imgur and share the link here.

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    Capture.jpg this is an image of my level. it's the same as the timed level 747 I have seen, but mine isn't timed

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    Level 747

    Hi hänge seid Tagen auf Level 747 mit 24 Zügen fest , habe keine Bomben oder sonstiges mehr komme da gar nicht mehr weiter kann mir da jemand helfen ? nun hat auch noch das gute Event angefangen und kann da nicht mitmachen bin da etwas gefrustet
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    Level 747

    I have been playing this level multiple times a day for 4 days. I can't see how you can finish it. There's only 24 moves to find 7 gnomes. That's a little over 3 moves per gnome. All of the barriers are things that have to be broken numerous times before they go away. I've looked up a walkthrough, but the video shows a timed level instead of the one I'm playing. On some plays, I've received numerous bombs and even then, I can't find more than 5 out of 7. If anyone has any suggestions, please help!

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    Feeling very frustrated on this level as well. Having the same trouble as you are. I've used boosters and can't get by this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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