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Thread: Aerial Challenge Event: Flying Tips & Tricks

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    aerial mini game

    [I can not seem to get past 1330 seems like every time I launch, no matter the path, I do not get the gas cans..and I fall and land..if it's not rigged, then how come I have had approx 50 + flights and land within 300 feet of my Max flight at 1300..but never enough to pass it.. top person has over 3700.feet and I guess they got the lucky winning algorithm..smh..its not fsir..and they went up to an required 5 barrels of gas for one launch instead of the 3 before.
    I think playrix is just getting too greedy, over the fun and entertainment they claim for their customers..its impossibly expensive or u wait forever..i have had unfinished construction for almost a year now. but when finished they don't really give me any perks..bout to quit the game altogether..thumbs down playrix..

    QUOTEEE=luckyklds;713382]Hi Ruth, I'm having the same trouble myself. I'm fine launching it but it misses all the stars and parts and then drops quickly. I tap the screen but this doesn't seem to help. I too am at the lowly height of 400ft. If anyone has any tips for better flight , Thank you in advance.[/QUOTE]

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    smae here..did better earlier when I had less upgrades..5 barrels instead of 3 to make one flight..tokens are same color as non-existent batteries which always seem to be on the path I didn't take..and consistently land with in a 500 feet radius..upgrades are expensive and stupid soon the wheel prize? another pic to choose for my profile..who cares? this game is only for people who consistently buy what playrix wants them to..I need 2 cookies for the train to get parts to build, well there will be cookies needed at zoo or by helicopter before I can use them where it's need the most to advance..I've noticed this so much I quit counting..they are just plain greedy..

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    I choose the same path for several runs (5-8) low-mid level has been lucky for me. Just stay level for as long as you can only using shorts bursts when needed follow the tokens, if you're lucky there will be a cluster of energy packs. It's not rigged, it's just luck🍀

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    I made it to 5400 feet. There's groups of fuel every 1000 feet or so that will fill you back up if you are in the right spot.

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