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Thread: Aerial Challenge Event: Flying Tips & Tricks

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    I just finished the 2nd Aerial Challenge. In the first the plane was wood and was upgraded, in the challenge just finished it was green in colour, and upgraded to blue for most of the plane and red for the wings. I am guessing in the future challenge we might get the plane we last used. So again carrying my guess forward, the global leaders who have been playing for a while now perhaps have massively upgraded planes that can fly as much as they show us.

    The maximum I flew in the just finished challenge was some 1,500 something feet. The global leaders had flown enough to circle the globe.

    Meanwhile what colour was your plane in the last challenge?
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    What happened to the Global Results post race? They were “in our face” the entire event, but now that most people clearly couldn’t even touch the top spot, they have disappeared. This doesn’t make Playrix look good or even fair. It seems as if money grabbing had to do with it for the vulnerable to fall for such tactics in hopes of meeting impossible expectations. I think it was rigged intentionally by Playrix.

    BTW, it’s not like I didn’t do my share of flying/trying.
    I had over 900 spare screws, bolts and springs at the end of the race....

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    I was a looser and did not spend too much time flying I hated not being able to succeed . Could not get the hang of it. Not my fav event
    Good on those who had great success Maybe a practice set of flights could be a good idea Cheers

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    Ok I’ve upgraded to the max on all nuts and bolts, but in my game I have not come across one rocket booster, can someone please explain to me where they are or when they show up? I’ve flown over 1900 ft so far and still no rockets:/

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    Where's all the fuel gone?

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    I have just got 10 fuel cans and still only got just over 2000 ft come on play fair!!

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    And another thing I have no rockets, think Playrix might owe me a refund

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    Jaymi & Helen,
    You happen to have picked up on the 2017 thread! Also, don't know where you picked up the idea of rockets; there are none in this event for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen Loveman View Post
    And another thing I have no rockets, think Playrix might owe me a refund
    I think there were no rockets this time (at least I haven't seen any). For the fuel - each can extends your flight just for 1-2 seconds, so you can fly far only if you hit one can after another....
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    [QUOTE=Helen Loveman;1430679]And another thing I have no rockets, think Playrix might owe me a refund[/QUOTE

    My score is 2353ft and im in 1st place but never saw any rockets!
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