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Thread: Can't play for days like I'd like.

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    Can't play for days like I'd like.

    Why can't we be offered more sales, good sales though. Or ways to earn money to buy bombs etc?????

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    So I'm guessing no one from gardescapes is going to answer me. Bummer!

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum!

    This place is mostly for player-to-player discussion, though the developers frequently check in. The best way to get a response to your feedback is to contact support from in-game (using the gear button in the corner of the screen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    So I'm guessing no one from gardescapes is going to answer me. Bummer!
    You waited less than one minute on a forum to be upset that another player or a playrix employee hadn't typed a response fast enough? That, to me is a bummer :-(

    The trick of the game is never to waste your coins on buying bombs or the time extensions. If you're going to spend the coins at all, spend them on refilling your life count from zero to five.

    I agree, it would make it more tempting for me to spend real world money if they ran sales with better incentives. However, with all of the contests that they have been pumping out & the wheel, I have racked up 35 shovels and 13 of each of the bomb/rainbow combos. I just don't use them, they seem to never help me complete levels since advancing as far as I am in the game. The game just calls for more strategy... I haven't been stuck on a level for more than 6 hrs in well over a month now since taking the time to slow down and analyze patterns that the game tends to stick with to be successful :-)

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