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Thread: Account Settings

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    Account Settings

    One should HV accounts in the game so that anyone can login from anywhere. If any thing happens to the phone our game is gone,but accounts can help to play it in a better way.

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    I agree this is a huge fault of the game. They encourage us to connect to accounts like Game Center (now defunct, no longer encouraged), Facebook (unpopular, unreliable), etc... instead of having their own account system backed up. It's a bit scary for me as I do not use Facebook and I'm on an iPad. If anything happens, My game is tied to Game Center and I may not be able to recover it. Doubly troubling as a Co-op leader.

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    The official support and other things I've read (can't remember where, sorry) imply that it's possible to get your town back without being connected to Facebook. E.g. somewhere it said that the more unique your town name, the easier it is to recover.

    Support says that you should provide your town name and current level if you need help recovering. Don't quote me on this, but it would be a good idea to routinely save screenshots of your townhall stats so you can prove it's your town just in case. Can't hurt, anyway.

    Not trying to discredit this suggestion at all; it's for sure a solid idea, and maybe a way to help people who don't want facebook get more in-game friends. Just ideas for the meantime

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    Agreed good idea

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