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Thread: To the admins

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    To the admins

    I don't know if you realise it, but having the same section titles both in Township and Fishdom create a lot of confusion. When you look at the Activity Stream, there is no way to distinguish the Discussions in Township from the Discussions in Fishdom.

    Would you please rename each Fishdom section by adding the game name in the title ?

    Fishdom : Announcements
    Fishdom : General Discussions
    Fishdom : Ideas and Suggestions
    Fishdom : Bugs and Issues

    This way, when we will check the activity stream, we will see right away that the message is from that game and not Township.

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    Yes please.

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    Yes please!
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    Agree. Right now it is quite confusing for both veterans and newbies to know exactly what they are responding to in comments!

    Thanks for pointing this out, Graylady!
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    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Graylady! I'll have to discuss it with the Team Meanwhile, you can view your forum friends' activity as follows: open your profile page --> My Activity --> All.

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    Mo Huss
    I agree. I've been looking for Fishdom friends and people don't play it but are in this forum. Also, sorry if I'm posting on your profile or somewhere I shouldn't be posting. I don't know how I'm doing it, sorry!

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