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Thread: Difficulty With Friending

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    Difficulty With Friending

    Each time I try to invite someone to be my friend, I get the message that I have the maximum, but that I am welcome to invite as many as I like from Facebook. This I have tried, but my friend on Facebook tried to join using the link, and was told she couldn't be my friend as I had the maximum! How do I get any more friends to join?

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    Does your Facebook friend play? Because your Facebook friends do not have to connect to you by putting in your friend code. They just have to have the game installed and you both need to have your game connected to Facebook in the settings in the game. Once that is done, she/he should show up in your friends list but instead of their picture having a blue background like your 'in game' friends, it will be a tan background.

    Oh, but your friend has to be playing the game on a compatible system as well. Here is a link that explains better.
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