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Thread: Leveling up help please

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    Joanie E. Wiseman

    Leveling up help please

    How do I level up on the main farm? I have used the ingots, but when it gets to the point where it says "you must reach level 6 before this action can be carried out" (for example) what causes it shows level up on its own?
    Experience? I know it's hearts in the Zoo but in all my searching I can't find out what makes it move up on its own. I thank you for your help!

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    Bethany Clarke
    It doesn't level up on its own. Ingots is the only way to keep leveling your factories.

    Edit: Ah, okay. I may not be understanding what you mean. I've never encountered a game level before I can level my factories, but I'm level 69 and may not have leveled my factories to the point where my town's actual level stops me.
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    Joanie E. Wiseman
    Pretty sure there is another factor also.

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    Joanie E. Wiseman
    I say because I never used ingots until I was way into the game and many had leveled up without the aide of ingots.

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    Not sure I entirely understand what you mean.
    Are you trying to upgrade a factory?
    Each individual factory has its own level (number within a yellow star).
    Every time you upgrade 1 of the 4 attributes-money;xp;time; shelf,
    the factory level increases by 1.
    Eg. My snack factory will not allow me to increase the time attribute from 40% to 45%,
    until I increase at least 2 of the other attributes.
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    Hi Stu. Joanie posted the same question on two different threads. The discussion finally was resolved I think on the Moan of the Day thread.

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    Didn't spot that.
    Tbh the title of that thread is enough to make me not read it

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    LOL! I know what you mean!

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