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    Sorry I am asking too many questions. Is it worth spending T cash on chests???

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    Questions are good. I think there for a while the chests were running dry, however it seems to have improved a bit. Just like the house of luck it's a gamble. I dont unlock all of them. Maybe you want to save T-Cash for a new slot in a factory or purchase another market box. It's really how you want to go on that one.
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    I am not getting much. I opened 3 chests I got tools. I use t cash regularly on the dealer. So I asked whether it's worth opening chests. If not I will save them to hire the dealer. Thank you.

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    Bethany Clarke
    I almost never use T cash to open the gold chests. I get too many items from them that I don't really need for it to be worth it to me. I save my T cash for buying Raja in the marketplace and aiding in expanding my land and barn. I also occasionally use T cash to get mining items, but these can also be gotten from Raja for gold coins, so I do that less often than the other two.

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