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Thread: Shutdown Petition

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    Shutdown Petition

    Why don't you shutdown this stupid game? It is a practical waste of time. You do nothing but playing a game then loosing a game, non stop. The levels are literally impossible. So why don't you shutdown this stupid game?

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    You are funny!

    You have the perfect solution at your finger tip : UNINSTALL the game and it will not bother you anymore. No need to penalize those that like it.

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    You really don't understand.

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    The levels are all possible....difficult, yes, but

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    Hamza just uninstall game if its too hard for You. This thread is unnessecery.

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    One of the joys of the game is that it is so difficult (at times!). You really do have to study the gameboard and work out your moves. If it is too difficult for you, there are many more casual alternatives.

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    I haven't come across an impossible level yet & I'm around level 500. I'm sorry the game is difficult enough to steal the fun out if it for you... My Attention Deficit Disorder makes this type of game ideal for me.

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    I'm currently on level 600 and something. It's possible. Not anyone else's fault if the game's too hard for you, just find a different game.

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    I've just completed level 1044 -- just hang in there!

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