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Thread: 13.08 The Newest Member of the Township Community Team

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    13.08 The Newest Member of the Township Community Team

    Hello Townshippers!

    Today we have a great announcement to make regarding the Forum administration!
    Our friendly Community Team is joined by Natasha Sidorenko !
    Natasha will be happy to provide useful tips and answers to all of your questions on behalf of Playrix, as well as me and Albina.
    Please give a warm welcome to our NEW FORUM ADMIN!

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    Greetings Natasha and welcome aboard the Township Forum.

    My very first question as you barely get your feet wet here, is there any news about the serious and widespread game lag since we got this latest update?

    Now, how was that for a warm welcome? LOL

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    Great to see the Team is growing.

    Welcome to the forum, Natasha!

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    Howdy, guys! Our Forum community is one big family and I'm happy to be a part of it.

    I was born and raised in Siberia. Now living in St.Petersburg, Russia. I love to watch movies and play games (guess which ones).

    Here to serve and help!

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    A very warm welcome, indeed

    On a serious note, there'll be an info post in this thread later today.

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    Thank you for that info, Natasha. As you can guess, many of us are anxious to see it fixed before all the fun starts with the new Regatta Season and the Aerial Event.

    More regulars will be logging in as the day progresses to welcome you aboard. Look forward to getting to know you!

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    Welcome Natasha

    Oh I do hope they can fix the lagging soon...I can hardly move in my town.

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    A heartly welcome Natasha.

    Don't wonder about some posting please, there are thousands of things we like in / about Township but of course a lot will be written about the few things that are not so nice at the moment.

    Personally I'm a bit sad about the updates this year, I really wish for more expansions in town. And please delete any planned fishing events

    In general I love love love Township :-*

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    Welcome, Natasha!
    Hope we don't scare you away; we can be a demanding group but we are the nicest group of mayors and only want our town to grow, look nice and to keep our townies happy

    Once again, welcome and hope to see you on a regular basis!

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    A warmth welcome Natasha. Nice to meet you.

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