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Thread: Co-op Member Offered To "Help Me", Then Wanted My Password To Give Me Tcash?

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    Co-op Member Offered To "Help Me", Then Wanted My Password To Give Me Tcash?

    New to the Forum. Joined to ask a question about someone offering me tcash for free (when I asked for a tip regarding building supplies), if I give them my password... I declined. Was this a system test trying to see if I would cheat (spy trying to trip me up), or a player doing something wrong (willing to cheat)?

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    Hi Gracetown, if you can go back and take screenshots of that player's offer, their town, and details of the like, you will want to report that to Playrix right away. No one should ask you for your password; Playrix certainly would not. That alone is a bad enough sign to report.

    Go to these forum threads for information:

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    Thank you for your advice, Firenze. They are a member of my co-op still, but I blocked them from my Facebook account, and disconnected from FaceBook in the game just to be safe. But, I did this last night, so I do not have any screen prints, sorry.
    Added... just found that I can still see the conversation, so I took screen prints, and will report, as you have suggested.
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    Hi Gracetown,

    As Firenze suggested, it's definitely worth reporting them. Most definitely a cheating player.

    There is no legitimate way to give tcash to each other at present. Even if there were to be, it would never require passwords.
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    I sent screen prints to Support. Hopefully they will respond. Thank you both.

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    How do I send a private message to the rest of my co-op, cause I do not want this player to see...

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