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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Mar 2018
    Looking for active members in our newly-created, friendly, no-drama coop

    Name: Friendly Teamworkers
    Req: lvl 19 min., Min. 3 tasks/regatta, 20 help/regatta
    Tag: #FR52M7

    We aim to get to Golden League asap. Join us!

    Edit: We're still in need of members so please join us (Mar. 9 '18)
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    Join our co- op

    looking for active players

    Co-op Name:Savannah ville
    Co-op Tag: #SVK6C2
    Co-op Status: (Open)
    Co-op Icon Description: (blue flower)
    Number of Members:6
    Level Requirement: 20
    Language: english

    We're looking for people who are active and help others and participates in regattas. Who will chat (it’s ok if u don’t want to )and do at least 5 tasks min. Please come join us.

    Contact Us: (private message)

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    Aug 2016

    Lightbulb Join our coop!

    Join Regatta Racing Friends, a congenial group that will welcome you! REG3DJ, open status, current 8 members, level 50 required. We enjoy competing in regattas but it’s not required. If racing, we complete all tasks; if we opt out, we help other members complete their tasks so we can rake in the loot at the end of regatta. Some of us chat, and others seldom do. Join us! We will welcome you!

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    Coop looking for active players

    Hey guys. I am the leader of a coop called we are one! We are looking for 10 or more players to join us! We have a minimum 5 task requirement and 120+ tasks. We are in golden league and hoping to start placing in the top 3 regularly. We were once a full coop however trying to pull weight of bottom feeders/slackers got exhausting. We are very friendly and always there to help. Please come join us. Our tag number is E5FZ9F our coop name is we are one. Jist come give us a try!!!!

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    Players helping players. That's what it's about

    New Coop looking for active players . Search The Green Giants Valley and join . Help us grow a strong alliance. . Players helping players. That's what it is about .
    Lvl 20 and above
    USA , English
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    Hi Kimberly welcome to the forum!

    I was just going to post the link to the correct subforum for you to place your ad, but see that you have already posted there.

    You will find it here Link now broken due to duplicate post removal.

    You can edit that post to include as much information as you wish.

    Good luck finding new members!

    This thread has also now been merged.
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    Cerchiamo nuovi membri!

    Ciao, cerchiamo nuovi membri per la nostra Cats Co-op #CKG4GG. Alla coop si accede per richiesta, attualmente siamo in sette e il livello ecessario per entrare è il 30; per poter partecipare alla regata chiediamo un contributo di almeno 500 punti. Ovviamente parliamo prevalentemente italiano. Per aggiungermi come vicino in Township potete utilizzare il codice DCUBX7.

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    Villa Santiago
    Level 38

    Fairly new co-op seeking new members. Aggressive regatta play and help required. I'm trying to build a moderately to highly competitive team! Have 21 members but will be kicking after season. Accepting any level right now,as long as you complete at least 5 task and help. We are silver league currently.

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    Laid back co-op Looking for new members for our Co-op . Please search The Green Giants Valley. Players helping players is what it's about . I hope you will join us in the fun
    Co-op The Green Giants Valley
    USA English
    Lvl 20 and above
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    Looking for active regatta players

    Our co-op is Swifty Sails #SWPM6E, we have recently lost several members and would like new players to join our team.
    Language: english, minimum level: 40, status: open (for now), members: 5 want to be 15 or more

    We are friendly, help each other generously and we are in Golden League, already have golden trophy.
    We have a minimum requirement of 500 pts/regatta or opt out if you have other priorities some weeks.
    We want active players who communicate with the team and cooperate with team goals.

    Goals: 1. Stay in Golden League, aim for top 3, which we used to do regularly, but lately we are middle of the pack.
    2. Read team chats and let us know what's up with you, try to check in daily
    3. Have fun playing, we are not a high pressure team; family and health come first-it is just a game
    4. Follow fair play rules, respect your teammates, be encouraging and helpful.

    So if we sound good to you, come join us.
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