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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Looking 👀 for a new co-op❓

    English preferred
    Level 60 required, but will lower for the right person 😍

    Sail the waves with us, without ❌ any Drama Queens 👸, Kings 🤴🏼or Princesses for that matter.

    We’re a relatively new co-op formed by experienced 👩*🎓 players. We will be racing in the golden league 🏆 this week 😁
    Our rules are simple:
    1️⃣ complete all tasks at 135
    2️⃣ try to finish as quickly 🏃*♀️🏃 as possible to be in top 3 🏆
    3️⃣ dump 💩🚾 anything below 135
    4️⃣ respect each other and the leadership 💏

    In return we’ll make you an elder 👵🏽 and give you help 🍕🍟🍿🌽🍍and support ⛑

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    Moderately competitive, friendly, helpful, all women, 💌💌 #DUSX94 10 TASK Minimum. Please join if you are all of the above.

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    Co-op Name: K9 Recruit
    Leader: Mr. Chaos
    Co-op Tag: #K9Y7QW
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Shield with paw.
    Platform: IOS, Android
    Number of Members: 3
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: English
    Gold League players formed new group last week. Expected to be in gold in a few weeks.

    We offer experienced gold league players that want to stay competitive. Our last group had many slackers and no one wanted to weed the herd. So Top player after top player left. We had it after struggling to stay in gold and left but decided to make a new group and stick together to rebuild. We help our own, always.

    We're looking for people that want to win. Willing to do most if not all the rag tasks (our current requirement is tasks above 128 only, rest are dumped). Help our team members out fill items faster is a must. No free loading will be tolerated. Also Dog lovers probably required as that is part of our name.

    Join us to become a K9 recruit.

    Looking for older folk, 2 of us are married in our 30s, another is just shy of 70 ... so anything in between is ideal lol.

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    Hello there,
    We are a competitive Gold League group looking for a few players. We've formed a new co-op due to technical issues, but we're gold leagues and been together for quite awhile. We are very helpful, like to chat but we're not excessively chatty. We do 132 heli, but dump all other 132 and lower tasks. Anything 133 and above is great. We like to win and for everyone to complete their weekly tasks, but understand this is a game and life is unpredictable. Stuff happens. Anyway if you think you'd be a good fit for the Trophy Hunters, send message and we'll send an invite.

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    Recently formed co-op of established group of 11 players seeking fun-loving, mature adult, but serious players. We do not require you to participate in Regatta, but if you opt in, we require a minimum of 3 tasks per week, with the hope that you can accomplish more when possible. No task saving and we ask that you help each other when possible. Our goal is to have fun, with our eye the gold league, where we had been before the slow down of our previous co-op.

    Chat is active and we encourage you to join in the fun when possible (makes it more fun for everyone). We at least ask that you be able to read English and keep an eye on the chat for any rule changes or notifications. If you can’t participate much due to something in real life, we appreciate if you can notify us and opt-out of any upcoming Regattas until you are able to play again. We do dump most lower point tasks , especially for the first 2/3 of the week to give players the opportunity to gain good points.

    Co-op name: Blackbirds Bay
    Tag: #7UUXGY
    Symbol: green flag with dog paw
    Co-op Status: Open
    Level requirement: 65, but active players may be considered
    Language: English

    Come have fun with us. Muffins, brownies, and coffee served 24/7!

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    #REG2DQ Regatta Shippers

    Happy moving day! Looking for a new co-op?

    We are experienced racers who recently started over in our own co-op. We came in first and are moving up to copper league. We will be gold in no time.

    We are serious racers who aim to complete all tasks at a minimum of 910 total points. But we are also relaxed, friendly, and helpful. We delete tasks below 130 (and duplicate hard tasks), and respect reservations. We are still a small group (six right now), but growing fast.

    We are looking for active players who are friendly and calm. No drama. It's just a game. We don't want to micromanage you, as long as you follow everything outlined above.

    Join us!

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    If you are looking for a peaceful, friendly place to play
    Township and do your Regatta(or not) business, please
    know that you would be welcome here.

    We currently have nine members. You would be the tenth.

    You do not have to play the Regatta to be a member.

    We are a moderately competitive Gold League Co-op, a top three
    finisher in Regatta play.

    English speaking only. If you race, you are expected to do fifteen
    135 point tasks. Helping other members, of course, but no number is
    placed on this.

    This is a good place to win your tokens and play Township,
    you will be helped.

    Co-op tag is #G4K32F.

    Good Shepherd Seekers, a Co-op for you.

    Bless you,
    Cobalt Banana

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    Co-op Name: Sunflower girls
    Co-op Tag: #SUN6R5
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Flower on a blue background
    Number of Members: 15/30
    Level Requirement: 30
    Language: English

    We offer a group of hard workers who consistently help one another. We communicate and respect one another. We don't likw drama.

    We're looking for people who: complete tasks, are respectful of others, and help out. You must complete tasks each regatta (or let us know you will be traveling etc.) or else you will be kicked out.

    Contact Us: is my facebook

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    Co-op Name: Hawayy
    Co-op Tag: #HWZPQX
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Pink background with pig
    Number of Members:16/30
    Level Requirement:50
    Language: English

    We are a team in the golden league.
    We require 130+ tasks with most of the group doing all 135's.
    We ask that you complete 15 tasks with the 16th optional. If you can't complete 15 tasks for the week then we ask that you opt out for that week and rejoin us when you know you can complete all 15 tasks.
    We are looking for people who communicate. You don't have to be a chatter bug but we do like everyone's opinion.
    We are an understanding group that knows that life happens. We try our best and have fun while doing it.

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    Hi! I’m fairly new and an avid player. I would be very interested in joining your group. Thanks for considering me. Cheers!

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