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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Franklin's Co-op is now looking for a couple new members.

    We're fairly easy-going; help where you can (although you'll find the more you help others, the quicker you'll receive it). Talk in chat, or don't, (although it'd be nice to have a couple more chatty folk).

    Last week we got knocked into Silver for the first time in months. We remain in Silver this week.
    We've never yet obtained the golden sail, and that's what we're working toward.

    Our current objective is to get back into gold. Once we get there, our plan is to have one week of 16x135 only. Other weeks is just a score as much as you can (unless like this week when we need to get back into gold).
    Reserve tasks are honoured and we have had no reason to impose rules at this time regarding this.

    Adult language is not prohibited, but any racist/sexist/etc remarks, disrespectful comments, or "stirring" will not be tolerated and will result in instant removal from the group. We're a friendly bunch who respect each other and will keep it that way.
    Failure to contribute your "fair share" of points to the regatta (or opt out), will eventually result in removal after two consecutive weeks of low score.
    The only TC you will be required to spend will be the week we do 16x135, when you will be required to buy the 16th task if you decide to race.

    If you're interested in joining, and you're playing on iOS/android, please PM me your town name and invite code.
    Lower levels preferred, 25-35, but not necessary.
    IMPORTANT: As a Township moderator, I only have power to maintain its forum.
    - Township Support.
    - Before posting a question, please make use of:
    Township Wiki,
    • the stickies on top of each sub-forum,
    • the search function to see previous posts.

    ”I can hear you; but I won't.
    Some look for trouble while others don't.
    There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day,
    And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oh”

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    We are looking for active player and regatta racers to join our friendly co-op

    Name: Team Tiwahe
    Co-op tag: EHGN88
    We are a small co-op who enjoy playing the game and racing in the regatta. We are looking for active players who participate and help we dont have quotas or number of tasks you have to do. However if you dont help we will ask you to leave. We are very chatty and helpful. We look forward to having you join us!!!

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    We are a breath of Fresh Air!

    Hello Everyone! Townshipvillefriends has 3 open positions just in time for tomorrow's Regatta. We are an incredibly friendly, English speaking group from across the globe united in one purpose, to HAVE FUN! Our Co-op is definitely unique. We are moderately competitive, but manage to be on top week after week with high numbers because (get ready for this) it's not required! We are a breath of fresh air. This week we are hosting our own Valentine's Day Contest within the Co-open that will reward 3 winners from 3 different categories. We all place our votes for the best looking towns in the Co-op, and the prizes are the Valentine's of the winners choosing funded by me! I'm so proud of our group, and I believe keeping happiness, fairness and balance is key to our success. NO DRAMA!

    There is definitely room for promotion based on your helpfulness in the Co-op. As long as you participate in the Regatta, you are guaranteed to be promoted to Elder after week 1.

    Co-op name: Townshipvillefriends
    Tag: WXKSZD
    Members: 27/30 currently
    Language: English
    League: Golden

    I am a fair leader and run a fair ship. I encourage friendly discussion and active participation. We all help each other daily. We got your back! Join us, and see for yourselves!

    Tedopolis, Leader

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    Name: Quality AG Inc
    Tag: QUJX23 Status: Open
    Icon: White Cow on Brown background
    Platform: IOS
    # of members: 19
    Level required: 57
    C o-Op is English speaking but all countries welcome

    We offer: A friendly, fun, NO DRAMA group who help each other.

    We are looking for new members who will participate in the Regatta (minimum 500 points and 40 helps to teammates each race.)

    Contact us at our tag above.

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    Friendly Golden League Co-op looking for team mates

    Co-op Name: Serenity Grace
    Co-op Tag: #99G2US
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: 4 hearts pink/purple
    Number of Members: 1
    Level Requirement: 60+
    Language: English

    I offer a relatively new co-op looking for friendly team members. I have worked my way up to the Golden league since starting the Co-op in December and so far have remained in the golden league. Looking for likeminded players who are helpful with a great team spirit.

    I’m looking for active daily players who want to help others and work as a team to help keep the co-op in the golden league in the Regatta and hopefully win some trophies.

    All tasks to be completed for set league at 135.
    Tasks can be reserved: Factory, ships & planting only
    Help team mates
    Communication required

    Send me a request if you would like to join 😊

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    Co-op Name: Township 3003 (hopefully soon to be changed to Oranje stroopwafels, if support is willing)
    Co-op Tag: #W424VX
    Co-op Status: By Request)
    Co-op Icon Description: Orange blue wooden shield with white dove
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 11
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: Dutch (and because of that the rest of this message is indeed in Dutch)

    Wie we zijn:
    Team Oranje stroopwafels is januari 2018 opgericht door onze leider Township 3003 als meer fanatieke afsplitsing van de Coop Oranje tompoucen. Wij omschrijven onszelf als "fanatiek" omdat we alle taken doen voor gemiddeld 130 punten per taak. Onze doelstelling is om in de Gouden competitie te komen en te blijven. We hebben geen ambities voor het Global LeaderBoard, misschien dat we een keer voor de trofee gaan. Voor Goud staat het doel voorlopig op minimaal 1.950 punten (15 x 130), en in de praktijk gaan de meesten voor de extra taak erbij.

    We zijn vriendelijk, behulpzaam en gezellig. Een aantal van ons kletsen veel, een aantal zijn stille krachten, een ieder wordt gewaardeerd om zijn of haar inbreng. Het leiderschap is actief - kan ook niet anders bij zo'n jonge coop natuurlijk. We delen tips en tricks. Had ik al gezegd dat we behulpzaam zijn?

    Wie we zoeken:
    Nederlandstalige (dus Vlamingen, Zuid-Afrikanen, geëmigreerden ook welkom!) spelers die willen meeracen met een Nederlandstalige coop in de Gouden Competitie.

    Contact: stuur mij een PM of doe rechtstreeks een verzoek om met ons mee te doen in het spel.

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    Smile Daffy Ducks is looking for you to join our growing Coop

    Hello my name is Auntie Peanuts and we are looking for new members to join our Coop. We are small at the moment but are looking to increase our coop to the max with fun, helpful and respectful game playing. We are big on racing and LOVE to earn the GOLD status so if you are looking for a place to call home, love helping each other, enjoy chatting, have English speaking skills and LOVE to race to WIN we would like very much to have you join us. Our Town name is DAFFY DUCKS and our Coop is open for anyone level 45 or higher. We look forward to meeting you.

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    Co-op name: DaCruisers
    Co-op tag:#DCWC9Q
    Co-op status - By request
    Icon: purple with a ship's wheel
    Number of members: 10/30
    Level requirement: 25
    Language: English

    Are you tired of underwhelming regatta results? Or, is there too much drama among your coop members? If you seek change or are just looking for a positive experience, then look no further! We are a newly formed team that left our prior coop due to lack of regatta efforts on several members. We are currently 10 strong players that are focused on completing key regatta tasks and performing in the top tier of racers. We are looking for helpful, competitive, fun and friendly players to join our team. We are an English speaking group, and we do like to chat, especially being mindful of thanking those that help out. We are all active players, and we want to fill our team with the same mindset. So, if you are looking to join an active and fun group of drama free players, then look no further than "DaCruisers!" If you have questions, I have listed my fb name for contact. Hope to see and race with you soon!

    Heather Dillon on Facebook
    Friend code on game: H9NDEX
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    Co-op Name: The Outtatowners
    Co-op Tag: #HEJHQD
    Co-op Status: By Request/Invite Only
    Co-op Icon Description: Be happy, help all; Serious players 135pts & 15 tasks. English only LINE app communications
    Platform: all
    Number of Members: 18/50
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: English

    We offer: A solid group of players from all over the globe. Very helpful with all levels and we’re in it to win it!

    We're looking for people who: To be an asset to the co-op, be helpful and complete 15+ 135point tasks

    Contact Us to join
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    Smile TeamRegattaPower sucht aktive Deutschsprachige Spieler

    Tagchen zusammen,

    wir suchen Leute die Spaß an der Regatta haben,7 Aufgaben sind zur Zeit das Minimum welches jeder der dabei ist erfüllen muss.
    Wir helfen uns alle Gegenseitig wenn immer wir können und DU solltest dies natürlich ebenso machen.

    Also wenn du Spaß hast und gut drauf bist schau mal bei uns rein :-)

    Koop-Tag ist #E5CW7V

    Wir freuen uns auf euch :-)

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