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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Sorry it won't let me edit. My town name is actually creenie's town. Phone changed it automatically to my own name lol.

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    Co-op Name: Brgy Kapiti Coop.
    Co-op Tag: #RGVHZ8
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Number of Members: 24/30
    Level Requirement: 35
    Language: English

    We are a great helping bunch who always help where we can if you like to chat we do too

    We're looking for people who will participate in the regattas and help as well as ask for help we do like to give it our best shot to win and would like a minimum of 5 tasks or 500pts for the regatta

    Contact Us: private message or ask to join our coop

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    Please join our coop

    Hi ive just started a new coop and i need members
    People that are serious players to help eachother and play the regatta
    The name of the Coop is : Met Elkaar
    Or the tagg is : #MEGNJ7
    Pleas join us...

    Hoi ik ben net een nieuwe Coop gestart en ik zoek leden
    Serieuse mensen die elkaar helpen en aan wedstrijden meedoen zoals de Regatta
    De Coop heet: Met Elkaar
    De tagg is : #MEGNJ7
    Wees welkom

    Greetzz René
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    Looking for new members.

    Name of co op:Pirates of the 7 Seas
    Level:70 up will lower for competitive racers

    We start new co op. Very competitive group of friends
    All gold ship holders
    We love to chat and laugh
    Looking for good racers
    RULES: HAVE FUN, chat, be able to write and read English, we dump all tasks under130. All do 15 tasks when racing. Opt out if not able to race, but short tefms only. Love to have you with us

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    Coop name: Magic treasures
    Coop tag: #mg5f8c
    Coop status: open
    Coop icon: blue snowflake
    Number of members: 3
    Level requirement: 30 but will take active players of any level.
    Language: English

    We offer: we are a friendly but competitive coop. We aim to finish all tasks and do only tasks for 135 points. We are currently in gold league and want to stay. We know life happens and sometimes you may not get all tasks done. That's fine but we won't tolerate players who do nothing and expect everyone else to carry the load. The rules are pretty simple. Just ask for tasks you want and keep us informed if you have enough clovers/ mining tools for the next available tasks. Stay active in the coop and help others when you can.

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    Co-op Name: Pirates of the 7 Seas
    Co-op Tag: #PRCMYM
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Ship Wheel
    Number of Members: 4
    Level Requirement: 65 (willing to lower)
    Language: English

    We offer:
    We are four friends who just started a co op. We have fun and joke around and are looking for more people to join our fun group. We are experienced players. Level 98, 88, 82, and 74. We will easily climb to golden league.

    We're looking for people who:

    Will do 130 and above tasks. Looking for people who can and will communicate in English. We are not currently focused on leaderboard so we don't have limited dumps. Please do all tasks and bonus task optional. If you are busy turn off regatta before it starts. Please come join us and have fun!

    Leader- Sweet Haven (Cap. Jen) level 98

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    The Twilight Zone is recruiting New members. A team of very helpful friendly players who love competing in the Regatta. We we're the only 6 people who would do all the tasks out of a team of 30, so we left and started over.
    All we ask is if you can't compete then just opt out!

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    Friendly co-op looking for new members!!

    We are a friendly group and everyone helps each other. We are looking for players that are level 45 and above who will work hard to help the co-op win! Must complete 12-15 tasks per race to remain a member. Our co-op name is Fiesta and our code is #FEWNGF. Looking forward to racing with you!!

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    Active regatta and chatty team members needed

    We have 15 active ppl and finishing top 3 in gold. Chatty day and night in English. Looking for 15 more to replace non helping no task members. At least 12 tasks.

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    We go between silver and gold league. With YOUR help we can stay in gold and win lots of great prizes !!!!

    We are in the process of clearing out inactive players and are looking for new members !!

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