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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Hi, we have a good co-operative, and we need good active member. Our Co operative name is EDEN FAMILY
    Co op tag is #EDEKDC.
    you are most welcome to our active family.

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    Co-op: Jesse's Co-op
    Co-op tag: #NES9M3
    Co-op status: Open
    Co-op icon: Boat in purple background
    # of members: 16 of 30
    Level requirement: 41
    Language: English

    We are looking for active Regatta members who want to rise to the top and have fun helping each other with their tasks.

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    Aug 2017
    Co-op Name: International
    Co-op Tag: #NSFNGF
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: BLUE shield with 2 CROSSED AXES...
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 2

    We are a new co-op but we managed to win the cup ourselves...we aim for the 1st position in each regatta... We help each other to the hilt, and that is the reason for our success... Happy regatta-ing...

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    Kangaroo Cove, #KN6ES9

    We just left a gold level co op where half the other members were not as competitive as us.
    Friendly, competitive and very helpful.
    We ask for 5 task minimum, and to help others.

    We accept all levels, we have from 21 to 57.

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    Feb 2017

    Route 66

    Looking for awesome people to join our awesome co-op!!
    We are a golden league.
    Must be competitive, read chat feed, and have fun of course!
    We like to claim long tasks so we can prep for them.
    Players are asked to complete at least 5 tasks.

    Co-op name: route 66
    Co-op tag: RUF4Z6
    Language: English
    Required level: 50

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    Co-op Name: Duke City Co-op
    Co-op Tag: #DUKW7J
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Star
    Platform: updated iOS or Android
    Number of Members: 18
    Level Requirement: 25 But would like to add higher levels 50-75
    Language: English but not necessary if you know what to do

    We offer: New & Friendly group, fast help, all gold so far and still building. We're trying to compete in gold!

    We're looking for people who: Do 15 tasks but 7 is the minimum or opt out and MUST HELP others in the group. No more slackers Please!

    Contact me: on FB Messenger @ Bridgette Niccole

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    Searching for friendly active teammates!

    Jamie & Friends
    Tag# JMSD86

    Hi Sailors,

    Please consider joining our team. Minimum level 30. We strive to win and we ask that at least 80% of available tasks are completed and you will help others by filling requests. Check out our stats... everyone helps. We are super friendly and extraordinarily active.

    I have been on many teams and this one is superior to all because of the members. We just achieved the Steel League headed for Gold. We obtain all buoys.

    I look forward to playing Township with you. Thank you for reading.

    Last edited by Sue Fitzgerald; 08-14-2017 at 11:13 PM. Reason: Wrong league listed

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    Apr 2017

    Co-op Name: Game of Phones
    Co-op tag: #GMUMHY
    Co-op Icon: Green cherries on a green background
    Gold League
    Platform of your choice
    English speaking group - International members welcome
    Members: 21
    Co-op status: by request
    Minimum Level: 40

    Leader: FuNkY ToWn lvl 71
    Friend Code: AKXGAF
    Line app a must for communication - Message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town

    We are a well established co-op that broke off from a full group of mostly inactive players. We raced our way right back up to the Gold League and consistently place in the top 3. We have a great strategy that works for our group. We love to race and we love to win, more importantly we love to have fun!

    Line app a must for ease of communication (message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town to join or ask questions) By using Line, we are able to make sure that everyone gets all the game info needed or any changes that we make that affects the group as a whole. We discuss the game, tips and chat on Line. English speaking group with some International members.

    We are searching for some new, active members who love to race and help one another.
    * 10 tasks minimum per race
    * tasks below 120 points get dumped
    * task reservations called out in game chat.
    * Helping other members is a MUST!


    Life comes first, we totally understand - communication is key. No drama will be tolerated, you will be kicked immediately.

    We are a friendly group of men and women that like to have fun playing TS - come check us out!!

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    Join Universal Earth Trading!

    Co-op Name: Universal Earth Trading
    Co-op Tag: UNCUXP
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only): By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching): Green Sun
    Number of Members: 19
    Level Requirement: 45
    Language: English

    We're looking for people who: actively participate in regatta and share with the co-op. If you can't race for the week, be sure you switch to "not racing". Helping your co-op team is rule #1.

    We are a chatty group who support each other's requests and are looking for daily players. Most of us complete all our tasks and many buy the additional task when needed. We are in Golden League. We dump all tasks under 125 points. We are okay with calling out/ reserving long tasks and encourage all members to look at chat prior to taking or dumping.

    Contact us through the game--submit a request and we are happy to get to know you!

    Happy racing!

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    Co-op Name: Creenie
    Tag: #crerrn
    Status: Open
    Icon Description: A dove with a purple background
    Platform: IOS, Android
    Members: currently 5
    Level requirement: 19
    Language: English

    We offer: We're doing our best to get to the gold but with only 3 out of the 5 people playing it's getting tough! We were at silver but been demoted so we would like anyone that is willing to help and reach our goal!! We all help each other out when you need it! (If you need cheese we give you cheese) But you also need to return the favour and help us out when we need it! We are all a friendly bunch!!

    Looking for: Friendly people who would like to join and reach our goal of the Gold!! Like I said above as long as you're willing to help us out you are welcome!!
    But don't join and not play and help like the 2 people that didn't bother.

    Only 3 of us playing so we need more members.

    My name is Creena. My town name is "Creena's Town".
    The co op is open so just come on in!

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