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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Need Members On My Team

    #Q88N4Q plz come and join

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    Co-op Name: Game of Phones
    Co-op tag: #GMUMHY
    Co-op Icon: Green cherries on a green background
    Gold League
    Platform of your choice
    English speaking group - International members welcome
    Members: 19
    Co-op status: by request
    Minimum Level: 40

    Leader: FuNkY ToWn lvl 73
    Friend Code: AKXGAF
    Line app a must for communication - Message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town

    We are a well established co-op that broke off from a full group of mostly inactive players. We raced our way right back up to the Gold League and consistently place in the top 3. We have a great strategy that works for our group. We love to race and we love to win, more importantly we love to have fun!

    Line app a must for ease of communication (message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town to join or ask questions) By using Line, we are able to make sure that everyone gets all the game info needed or any changes that we make that affects the group as a whole. We discuss the game, tips and chat on Line. English speaking group with some International members.

    We are searching for some new, active members who love to race and help one another.
    * 10 tasks minimum per race
    * tasks below 125 points get dumped quickly
    * task reservations called out in game chat.
    * Helping other members is a MUST!


    Life comes first, we totally understand - communication is key. No drama will be tolerated, you will be kicked immediately.

    We are a friendly group of men and women that like to have fun playing TS - come check us out!!
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    the gang looking for co leader to help win the regattas

    coop name = The gang
    coop Tag =#HE9J8U
    co.op status open
    icon :blue with axes
    level requirement 25
    language :English

    The Gang are looking for a co leader to help when racing, the plan is to take it in turns to race as a solo, with the other one being there to help

    the gang are currently racing there way through the leagues, currently doing the steel league

    the gang do have a Facebook page

    Friend code: VENKFY

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    New Co-op Members

    We are three people who got together from other co ops to start our own. We are called the Back Scratchers. We are looking for people who enjoy working the regattas and completion. Also someone who is helpful to others. Just ask to be part of our group. We'll be looking forward to playing township with you. Gloryb

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    Weschex, duh!
    Hi, Townshippers!
    Does this describe you?

    Friendly, love to help, can take regatta or leave it. But, if racing, I'll give it my best shot and work with team mates for maximum efficiency.

    Good! Then there is an itty-bitty co-op with 4 friendly people waiting to meet you.

    Co-op Name: Wild Cherry Junction
    Co-op Tag: #WZHFYY
    Co-op Status: By Request Only
    Co-op Icon Description: cherries on red background
    Platform: Kindle Fire (Android, I suppose!)
    Number of Members: 4 at the moment.
    Level Requirement: 45
    Language: English

    We offer: Tips to level up faster, loads of goods for your trains and planes, a BLOG!

    We're looking for people who: love mac and cheese. (Just kidding)

    Contact Us: PM me here, request an invite, comment on the blog (do all three for a FREE item of Jewelry from my barn. Your choice.)
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    Golden League team seeks 7 new ppl!

    Golden League team looking for 7 new members! Are we helpful? Yes! Fun loving? Of course! Awesome racers 🏁? Absolutely! Join us! 😄 Level 70+ especially are needed!

    Name: GOLD CUP
    Tag: GY6RPR
    Status: By Request
    Icon Description: Gold Star, Gold banner
    # of Members: 18
    Level Requirement: 55 & Up
    Language: English 🇬🇧🇺🇸 & Espagnol 🇩🇴, Deutsche 🇩🇪, Portuges 🇧🇷, Francais 🇫🇷. *We are an international team & try to meet your needs - BUT sorry, none of us read Asian characters! 🀄️

    We offer: Our motto:
    Help Friends! Have Fun! Win Regatta!
    *Our mascot - the Golden Tiger! 🐯

    We're looking for people who:
    Are great helpers like us!
    Can do 15-16 tasks @125+ pts or Opt-Out!
    Enjoy a fun, relaxed, drama-free team 😄
    **Plz say hello & communicate before Regatta starts or we will boot you as a flight risk! 💨

    Contact Us:
    Facebook Group - Gold Cup International

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    We are looking for members

    Co-op Name: Pandora’s Box
    Co-op Status: By request
    Co-op Icon Description: Snowflake on blue background
    Number of Members: 25
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: English
    Co-op Tag: #PN4S9M

    We are a friendly, helpful co-op. We do 132 – 135 (or 135 only) tasks depending on how many of us racing at a time. We do all 16 tasks, we don't do task reservations anymore - everything is first come first serve - we think this way is less stressful and more fun It is OK to opt out the race. We have a Facebook group for easy communication.

    We offer: fun and the golden trophy - we finish in the top 3 most of the time, we don't care about placement on the leader boards, rather focusing on having fun.

    We are looking for: friendly, dedicated players, who speak English and love the game.

    If you are interested in joining us, please contact me on Facebook Messenger, or simply send a request to our co-op in the game, and communicate after getting accepted!
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    If anyone is looking for a coop to join. I am extending an open invitation. It is a young coop with not many members. Looking for members who want to, and will, participate in the regatta. Yes, I need more power racers.

    My Coop is. MIDNIGHT SUN
    My town name. TOWNSHIP
    My friend Code. N7DB7U

    Everyone is welcome, especially if you want to join the race.

    Have an awesome day!!!

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    Co-op Name: Friendly Fockers

    Co-op Tag: #FRDYEZ

    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only): Open

    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching) Smiley Face on green background

    Number of Members: 2 at the moment. Come and make it 3! Or 4!

    Level Requirement: 55 - totally flexible.

    Language: English

    We offer: Support, friendship, and fun

    We're looking for people who: Enjoy the game, are competitive and enjoy winning, but put enjoying the game ahead of winning the game.

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook, etc.) Feel free to find us using our co-op tag, and feel free to PM me here as well.

    As you can see from our name, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are just some friendly fockers looking for other friendly fockers! We compete in the regatta, and while we do love to take first place whenever we can, we don't let competitiveness get in the way of having fun.

    This is a new co-op, so currently we are in Silver League, and will be advancing to Golden with the next regatta. Ideally, my partner and I are looking to build a co-op of around 15-20 people, who are dedicated to being helpful to each other, being competitive in the regatta, but get along with each other as well.

    We recently left a co-op that, well, couldn't quite manage the concept of being drama free. So more than anything else, that is what we hope to avoid. If this sounds like the kind of co-op you want to be a part of, then please by all means, come and pay us a visit.

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    In desperate need of players level 38-42!

    Hey Everyone,
    My co-op just merged with group that caused our group to double. This seems to have caused our lowest leveled member to be far out numbered and now she has far less to choose as tasks. She is about 10 levels lower than majority. So, to help get more choices I need members within the range of level 38-42.
    Sorry everyone else, this is all we need at this time.

    My group is very friendly, sharing, and interested in winning. Everyone is made Elder to dump tasks. We usually dump all planes trains and island runs. Anyone wanting one of these are welcome to claim. We just dump to keep our board nice and fresh. We do only 135s and everyone is required to do minimum of 15. 16th is not required but usually all do just to stay in top 3. It is not enforced but greatly appreciated!

    Our rules are simple and easy to follow. We do only 135s. We dump all others with no concern over number dumped. We dump anything nobody wants regardless of points. We require English. We chat a lot and must be understood. We allow 1-2 reserves each player. 1 first part of week and then allow 2 over weekend to allow those still racing to catch up. We keep all informed of reserved @ chat so must read chat often while playing.

    Please consider joining us if you are within my guidelines. The gap is over 50 levels between myself and my lowest level member and she struggles every week to find tasks she can do. If I have more members her level we will get more choices.

    I can almost guarantee you will be happy in our group. I have great members!

    Please PM me here. We are currently closed. Will only allow new 38-42 level players.
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