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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Chill Australian Based Co-op 2 members Gold League

    Co-op Name: Hopford Farms
    Co-op Tag: #HPXMH8
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Blue Carrot with X background shield frame
    Platform: Mobile
    Number of Members: 2
    Level Requirement: 40
    Language: English

    We are 2 sisters looking for a few more members, we don't want a large co-op as it can get too messy. We just want a few decent members to help with regatta and help requests etc.
    We are both Australian English speaking, you can be from anywhere in the world as long as you can speak English enough to understand us.
    We both play a few times a day and compete in regatta. So far we are gold league coming in 8-10th place most weeks which is totally fine with us.
    If you are looking for a chill group who plays daily and can chat now and then, join us!

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    Hello! I am looking for some regatta players who share with Each other for the team. Level 38, 44 and inbetween. If that's you check us out! E2JV42

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    Good day Township Friends, please join our team. There are no rules. All we ask is that you be considered, friendly and helpful because that is what our team is all about. So if you like these attributes joins us. We need you ! Some of us enjoy racing however there is no pressure to participate. Let's have some fun!!
    Co-op Name: Parttime Coop
    Co-op tag: # PR5P97
    Preferred Language: English

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    Red face Helpful competitive Coop looking for new members!

    Hello...come and join us! We are friendly and helpful coop from all over the world.We are looking for serious players!

    Come and join us!!

    COOP TAG: #V554RG

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    The " Outatowners” are looking for active members at levels 55 + (under 55 welcome if you can manage the requirements )We are a moderately competitive and chatty coop, who race in the Golden league. We are primarily English speaking and are looking for English speaking members. We have members from 10 countries.

    We have been in the golden league and have won the gold many times and are almost always in the top 4. Our biggest criteria and requirement is being helpful.; we are all big helpers.

    - Must enjoy helping others
    - Must have LINE Id for ease of chatting
    - 1900 points & 15 tasks is the requirement
    - Most of us complete all our tasks and many buy the additional task when possible
    - We dump all tasks under 126 points
    - We are okay with calling out/ reserving long tasks
    - We have some younger and lower level players with whom we are very tolerant.
    - OPT OUT if real life catches up
    - Zero tolerance for drama

    Please friend me in-game or send me a msg on LINE if you would like to join. By having LINE we are able to increase communication and cut back on confusion.

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    Looking for new members!

    Relatively competitive but very friendly regatta looking for new members who are helpful and are active racers. We're looking to go global so if you want to have fun but are willing to work with us to win big come to Speedyracers!!!

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    I am looking for friendly helpful people to join my coop , must be prepared to do all 15 tasks and we only do 135 tasks , and if possible do the extra one , my coop name is the best friends club , my coop tag is #HE96uk , required level 60 , Pref English speaking, please request only

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    Hubi & Bagger

    Co-op Name: Hubi & Bagger
    Co-op Tag: #HUYQPY
    Co-op Status: open during regatta, by request on Monday/öffentlich während der Regatta, montags per Anfrage
    Co-op Icon Description: teal boat with light X as background/türkisfarbenes Segelboot mit hellem X als Hintergrund
    Platform: Android/iOS
    Number of Members: 3 (+2 on Monday/am Montag)
    Level Requirement: 40 (can be negotiated/verhandelbar)
    Language: German (prefered), English
    League: Gold

    English version below.

    Wir suchen im Moment 2-3 Mitspieler, die zuverlässig mindestens 12 Aufgaben à 128 Punkte oder mehr spielen. Auszeiten sind kein Problem, dann aber bitte möglichst abmelden.

    Aufgaben unter 128 werden grundsätzlich gelöscht. Da wir ein kleiner Koop sind, erlauben wir Felder, Fabriken und Schiffe zu reservieren. Unser Ziel ist es, alle Belohnungen zu erreichen und möglichst unter die ersten drei zu gelangen. Wenn die Konkurrenz zu stark ist oder was dazwischenkommt ist das aber auch kein Drama.

    Der Chat ist Pflicht, wenn es um die Organisation der Regatta geht, alles darüber hinaus ist freiwillig, aber gerne gesehen.

    Wir bieten freundliche und hilfsbereite Mitspieler von Level 48 bis 93, ein meist aufgeräumtes Aufgabenbrett, eine schnelle Beförderung zum Senator (zum Aufräumen des Aufgabenbretts 😉).

    Kontakt: siehe Signatur

    At the moment we are looking for 2-3 reliable members who are willing to do at least 12 tasks for 128 points or higher. If you need a break, please opt out.

    Lower point tasks are constantly deleted. Since we are only a small co-op, we allow reservation of harvest, factory and ship tasks. We aim to collect all chests and try to be in the top 3 every week. But if the competition ist too strong or real life interferes, staying in Gold League is enough.

    So far we are all native speakers of German, but we are fluent enough in English to welcome any player willing to meet our criteria and able to communicate in English. Chat is mandatory for organizing the regatta, but we also like to simply chat to pass the time.

    We offer friendly and helpful members ranging from level 48 to level 93, a usually well kept task board and fast promotion to elder (because somebody has to keep the board in order 😉).

    Contact: see singnature

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    CO OP.....Have Fun
    Status....By Request
    Icon.....Purple Badge, Smiley Face

    We are a small co op that have been together for quite a while now. We are in Golden league and have won 1st place many times and are usually in the top 3. We are a friendly and helpful group, though not very chatty. We do communicate about tasks all the time though in chat, calling tasks and reserving on some long ones. We are drama free, understanding and you can opt out when you need to.
    Looking for players who enjoy doing 15/16 tasks all at 135. Friendly, helpful and doesn't mind a quiet group, who can be chatty some times.
    So if you like the idea of a drama free, small co op and want to help us stay in the top 3, message me here on the forum or send a request. Thank you
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    Co-Op name : Rocking the Regatta
    Co-op tag : #RCDP3J
    Co-op status : by request
    Icon : white sailboat on a blue background with gold/red trim
    Platform : mobile
    Level requirement : 35
    Language : English

    Rocking the Regatta is looking for daily active and competitive players to join us. We are in the golden leagues and so far have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place once each. Our goal is to be in the top 3 (better rewards! ) each week.

    Even though we ask that a minimum of 12 tasks @ 135 points be completed each week, most of our team members happily take on 15/16 tasks.

    Getting promoted is pretty easy. To be nominated as an elder, a member has to complete a minimum of 12 regatta tasks and helped out 50+ times within two consecutive weeks. To be promoted to co-leader, an elder should have completed all tasks (not counting optional task although it is a bonus) in 2 consecutive regatta races plus helped out 100+ times both weeks.

    Communication is vital and so we ask that anyone wishing to join us be able to do so in English.

    If you know ahead of time that you will not be available to participate in the regatta then we ask that you opt out before the race begins. It's that simple!

    We are not chatty 24/7 but we do chat and joke every now and then.

    We have a Facebook group page where we have our simple regatta rules posted, vote on changes and sometimes just to share recipes or garden pictures. lol

    So if you consider yourself a fairly competitive player and would like to race with like minded players, come join us! As you can see, our entry requirement level is 35 (though our members are between 49 to 67), we will help you with leveling up and getting race tasks completed whenever possible.
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