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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Looking for Active Members to participate. No minimums...just take part and make the game more fun.
    Golden League....small group but only ask for people to help and minimums..
    Love to have good people

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    Bonjour. Coop «*québec*» #QUF7FS, cherche de nouveaux membres.
    Nous sommes actuellement 8 joueurs actifs franco québécois.
    Nous jouons pour le plaisir du jeu et pour progresser ensemble.
    Nous sommes en ligue d or, et nous demandons à ceux qui s inscrivent à la régate un minimum de 900 points.
    A bientot

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    Co-op name: Sea Breeze
    Co-op tag: #SE82EE
    Co-op status: By Request (when leader and co-leaders are on, we close if no one is available to greet new members)
    Platform: Android and IOS
    Number of members: 22
    Required level: 50
    Language: ENGLISH

    Are you looking for a fun, friendly and very helpful co-op? Team Sea Breeze is currently looking for new members.

    What what have to offer great players like you:
    - We are in the Golden League so better prizes for all!
    - All our members are English speaking and are a lot of fun.
    - We love to help!
    - We are competitive but not to the point where the game isn't fun.
    - We usually race each other to fill help requests so requests don't sit long in our co-op!
    - We promote to Elder pretty fast after the member has proven themselves.
    - Co-op awards given on Mondays for MVP and Most Helps.
    - Our core group has been together for several months with no turnover. We just haven't had good luck with new members (too many looking for free handouts!) so we are trying something new by posting on this board.

    Our requirements:

    - We prefer 16/130+ tasks but the minimum is 10/125+ tasks
    - May opt out but no more than 3 weeks in a row to be considered active
    - We dump all tasks below 125 points
    - With new reservation system in-game we ask that members not reserve tasks for more than 4 hours. If it's reserved longer it can be "stolen".
    - We don't have a number of helps required as everyone wants to help in our group!
    - English speaking only please. We've had issues because of language barrier.
    - You aren't required to chat but we'd like you to join in
    - We are all adults and we have zero drama.

    If you think Team Sea Breeze would be a good fit for you please PM me or go to our Wordpress and leave me a message there:
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    Oct 2017
    Co-op Name: Club Co-Op
    Co-op Tag: CUMVSQ
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Orange Sun
    Platform: IOS
    Number of Members: 3 - we are a new co-op built from 3 active members of a previous co-op
    Level Requirement: 25
    Language: Mainly English, some Spanish and Italian

    We offer: Friendly active players who compete in regattas and help with product requests.

    We're looking for people who: - Will complete regatta tasks or opt out of race is unable to participate and help other members with requests and have some fun.

    My friend code is WMCPU2

    Come join us!

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    Jun 2017
    San Diego, USA

    Golden League Co-op Recruiting Fun, Active, Helpful Members

    Co-op Status: Closed - See website for details
    Co-op Icon Description: Anchor on halved teal background
    Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS, Kindle)
    Number of Members: 24/30
    Level Requirement: 60+
    Language: English only, please
    Co-op Tag #PHY68K
    Co-op Website:

    What It Takes
    Aphrodite’s Piers is a team that loves to play just as much as we love to win. We have required minimums of 10 tasks, 132 points or more, though many members complete more or all tasks. Everyone shares a ton in this group, but you need to have at least 50 helps each week to stay. If you expect a busy week that will interfere with your ability to meet minimums, you are expected to opt out of racing. We want to keep our Co-op thriving and fun, so if you don’t follow our guidelines, our active leaders will give ya the boot! Still, we’re a close group with players who chat about the game, our lives, and we’re always excited to welcome others who know how to have a good time.

    Why You’ll Love Us
    You never wait long to have crates filled and we’ll keep you laughing as we poke fun at each other. There’s almost always someone online to share or chat. We're serious about very little except our guidelines. Really, it’s the members who make AP the best place to race.

    Meet the AP Crew

    You Should Join Us If
    - ​You can fluently read and write in English.
    - You are friendly, interactive, and have a good sense of humor.
    - You’re 18+. (We can be a rowdy group, so adults only, please!)
    - You’ve read our Co-op Guidelines in full and feel comfortable abiding by them.
    - You typically complete 15-16 tasks and 10 tasks feels easy.
    - You like to win, but don’t care about leaderboards.
    - You're more interested in teamwork than status titles.
    - You enjoy the game and learning to play it more effectively.
    - You generously help other players and frequently make requests in turn.
    - You value purposeful structure and communication in a Co-op.

    How to Join
    Visit our website at: to apply.
    Find us by searching the Co-op Building for Aphrodite’s Piers or use our Co-op Tag #PHY68K.

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    Co-Op name: Quality AG Inc
    Tag: QUJX23
    Status: Open
    Icon: White Cow on Brown background
    Platform: IOS
    # of Members: 21
    Level Required: 57
    English speaking Co-Op, all countries welcome

    We offer a friendly, no drama, fun group who help each other.

    We are looking for new members who will participate in the Regatta (Minimum points 500 with 40 helps to teammates per race).

    Contact us at our Tag listed above. Let’s Race!

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    Looking for players to join our co-op

    Hi guys, we’re a friendly, hard working co-op. Regularly in the gold band of the regatta. We actively encourage people to discuss how the co-op is ran and generally run things as a democracy rather than a dictatorship.

    We’re looking for active players to join in. Ideally level 50 or above. Our tag is #ukspde when searching for us to join.

    All are welcome but we predominately are an English speaking co-op.

    We currently have 7 players and would like to expand. The average helps per player is approximately 45 per week.

    We want people who will help others in the co-op and in return, other players will help you

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    Co-op Name: The Co-op
    Co-op Tag: #HEQWSH
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching)
    Platform: iOS / Android
    Number of Members: 2 (Started yesterday)
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: English

    We offer: A fun place to play and have fun. Help wherever possible

    We're looking for people who: will actually converse from time to time,
    Will participate strongly in regatta if opted in otherwise will opt out (no worries)
    Won't start any drama, or make any assumptions about other members of co-op

    We recently had an almost full co-op but people just started constant drama and always tried to make assumptions about our personal life and ruin the game lol.

    Contact Us: Via private message here or just request to join co-op, Hope to see you there!

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    Join us!

    Loving dogs in regatta!
    Chill out and hang out!
    But please do regatta steadily .. I want us to be great:>
    Join me

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    Name: The Runaways
    Tag: 4YNH4R
    Status: By request
    Icon: Smiley face on blue
    Members: 12
    Level 50+
    Language- must be able to communicate in English

    We are a fun very helpful group who broke off from our last co-op to be more competitive. We complete only 130+ and complete all tasks. We do allow opting out if you know you will be too busy to complete all tasks. We do our best to finish in the top 3 but its ok if you take all week to finish all your tasks, we don't require a fast finish.

    We chat in the game and everyone is always helpful, courteous, and respectful. If you think this team sounds like a good fit. Look us up and request to join. If you mention you saw this post, we will know you have the same goals.

    Most importantly, we want to have fun! Friend code: HJC4HG

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