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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Looking for coop members

    GUYS, join my co-op “let’s get it” #EYK8UJ
    I am the leader and want to get a strong team built up. I have a super high level but need people who are willing to take part so we can kick ass. I understand that life takes over sometimes so as long as you’re helping players too, then it’s fine!

    Please join!

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    Co-op Name: CL3
    Co-op Tag: #C3GDC4
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Our logo is a teal 4-leaf clover
    Number of Members: 2 (others left for a bigger group)
    Level Requirement: 70
    Language: English

    We are a golden league co-op who try for top 3 weekly and complete the race with perfect or near perfect scores. We are active, friendly, and like helping out as much as we can. We communicate well with each other and would encourage new teammates to do the same. We branched off from a larger team and would prefer to keep this one on the smaller side.

    We are looking for new teammates who play regularly and are willing to complete all 15/16 tasks at 135pts and share with the group. We know stuff happens and just ask that anyone who knows they wont be able to finish the race to opt-out.

    We play to have fun but like winning too

    Anyone interested come check us out or pm me!!

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    Looking For New Committed Members

    Co-op Name: Treasure Trove
    Co-op Tag: #RE9HMF
    Co-op Badge: Anchor with blue background
    Current Number Of Players: 11
    Level Requirement: 52
    Language: English
    Weekly Points Minimum: 1500

    We have recently split from a gold co-op where the current 11 of us helped win 22 gold league gold cups.

    We decided to move as standards had slipped and too many low performers were not being removed which resulted in a dip of performance.

    Our new co-op started from scratch and after back to back promotions we are in the golden week after 4 weeks!!! We are all committed players aiming to remain in this league and looking to finish top 3 every week.

    Do you fancy coming along for the ride? Minimum ask is 1500 points per week or set to not racing.... Look forward to seeing you....

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    Competitive Cohorts looking for moderately competitive members.

    Co-op Name:Competative Cohorts
    Co-op Tag: # CMZCWD
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Golden league shield with a teal ships helm
    Platform: Any compatible platform allowed
    Number of Members: 9
    Level Requirement: 45, but will consider lower levels if very active
    Language: English

    We are a drama free co-op looking for active players who are goal oriented and competitive. Everyone respects each other. Some members prefer to chat and some do not. The level of interaction is completely up to each member. All members are required to do their part in maintaining Golden League status. Currently, we have a 7 minimum regatta task requirement, but that will increase depending on what it takes to maintain status. Completing all regatta tasks is preferred. We would love to welcome you to Competitive Cohorts if you share these same qualities and will actively contribute to the success of the co-op!

    Message me if you�d like to join.
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    Hi Southrn Belle - I've sent you a PM with a suggestion, thanks.

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    Recherche de nouveaux membres francophones

    Nom de Co-op: Bleu Blanc Rouge
    ID de Co-op: #EREDE2
    Type de Co-op: SUR DEMANDE
    Description du symbole de la coop: coq sur fond bronze avec liserés rouges
    Nombre de Membres: 17/30
    Niveau minimum: 28
    Langage: Français

    Nous recherchons des joueurs actifs qui aiment AIDER et participer à la régate. On adore s'entraider et donner c'est aussi recevoir.

    Nous sommes un groupe actif et amical qui aime discuter et aider donc les nouveaux membres doivent pouvoir s'exprimer en français. Nous sommes actuellement dans la ligue D'OR. Venez nous rejoindre !

    Contactez nous par l'ID de coop ci-dessus.

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    Koop Name: Baden Württemberg
    Ab Level:19
    Vorraussetzungen: Aktiv,kommunikationsfreudig,hilfsbereit
    Team: 1/30
    Neu gegründet erst seit dieser regatte aktiv und steigen sofort auf

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    Horsin round hrdf66 is looking for members to join our co op level 19 or better it is an open to join co op we are wanting to rise in the ranks and we gladly help one another complete goals. So come join us and have some fun

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    Co-op Name: Mount Olympus is looking for new members! We have the setting by request, so you just need to wait a few moments after requesting to be approved and join. We do this so that one of our members can welcome you personally! Our icon is the green three leaf clover. We are a mobile device platform. Currently we have 15 members. Minimum level is 25. Language is English, though we do have a diverse group who speak other languages as well

    We offer a fun, friendly environment where everyone helps eachother. Requests don't last long in chat because they are filled so fast! We are in the Golden league for regatta, so lots of prizes for everyone!

    We're looking for people who are friendly and helpful. We would like members to complete at least 900 points in the regatta (about 7 tasks.) This ensures that we stay in the golden league and continue to get the maximum rewards. Life happens, we know this so all we ask is that if you are unable to participate you opt out of racing so that it does not count against us! We hope to see you soon!

    Contact Us: You can Facebook message me, or just apply to the co-op and we'll see you there!

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    Bonjour. La coopérative «*Québec*» @quf7fs cherche de nouveaux membres.
    Nous sommes un groupe franco québécois d amis, dont 8 actifs et nous aimerions trouver d autres joueurs .
    Notre objectif est de progresser ensemble dans une ambiance conviviale et chaleureuse.

    Nous sommes en ligue d or, et nous acceptons tous les joueurs à partir du niveau 25.
    Pour la régate, notre objectif est d avoir les 9 coffres et nous demandons aux joueurs inscrits de faire de leur mieux, et si possible mini 900 points.

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