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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members


    Remember ads may only be posted ONCE A WEEK and that this thread is for ADS ONLY.
    Do not start a chain of replies. Contact each other through private message or other means.
    Refer to the CO-OP RECRUITMENT RULES for more information.


    Please post your advertisement on this thread if you consider your co-op to be moderately competitive.

    What exactly "moderately competitive" means is up to you! It's your job to determine and explain your co-op's energy level.
    • Maybe your co-op is happy with gold, silver, bronze...or even just staying in your current league.
    • Maybe your co-op is good with having multiple members opt-out of racing at any time
    • Maybe your co-op is okay with '100pt' tasks and above
    • etc.


    Below is a sample form that you may use to advertise your co-op.

    It's not required, but I'd recommend having most (if not all) of its information somewhere in your ad.

    Co-op Name:
    Co-op Tag:
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only)
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching)
    Number of Members:
    Level Requirement:

    We offer:

    We're looking for people who:

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook link, etc.)
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    Sincere apologies for the previous thread being purged with no warning.

    There was some spam today and that thread accidentally got caught up with ones needing deletion.

    Sigh, not a good day for me.
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    Co-op name: green co-op
    Co-op tag:#greedx
    Co-op statuspen
    Icon: green with flower
    Number of members: only 2 just starting out
    Level requirement: 30
    Language: English

    We are a new team just starting out but have placed 2nd the last two weeks climbing quickly. Looking for players that really want to play but also understand that sometimes life happens. Goal to Play at 90-100% 90-100% of the time.

    Kathie bowman on Facebook
    Friend code on game: ec56x7
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    Wanted: Special People For New Co-Op

    Co-op Name: The Good Ship Lollipop
    Co-op Tag: #HEZ4RQ
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Sailboat with Red / Rusty Background - Pointed on Top and Rounded on Bottom
    Platform: Cell Phone / Tablet
    Number of Members: 8
    Level Requirement: 60
    Language: English - We prefer members who will chat, but absolutely must be able to understand English well so that we can communicate rule changes and things of that nature.

    We offer: We are a friendly group, always quick with plenty of help and happy to do whatever we can for each other.

    We're looking for adults who complete all their tasks with a task average of 133+. Most of us complete with perfect or nearly perfect scores each week.

    If you are unable to race for a week, you must list yourself as not racing. No children allowed. We do not reserve tasks. We dump tasks that are not 135 (although we occasionally leave a few between 130-133 when we see members struggling). The most important request we have is that you are willing to communicate with the group. We can't help each other if we don't know what's going on. In addition to in-game chat, we also have a channel available on Discord where you can reach other members even when they aren't online for the game.

    If you are interested in the co-op, please join us.

    Contact Us: If you would like to find me on Discord, my ID is Mindi#9787. I do not get on an actual computer very often, so there may be a large lag in responding to personal messages inside the Township Forum. You are welcome to simply join and will be accepted quickly, but we ask that you introduce yourself immediately in chat and verify that you are willing to work with our rules.
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    Helping Hands is a moderately competitive and friendly coop looking for active members who are at least level 45 and can complete a minimum of 5 tasks (at least 100 pts each, please) per regatta. If you need to opt out of racing for a bit, that's ok!

    Our coop code is #HEFVUE and my friend code is QBGEN3.

    Look us up!

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    Lightbulb Dream Team Needs Reliable Players

    Co-op Name: Dream Team
    Co-op Tag: #DREX5N
    Leader: Janna/Riverville
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Current Membership: 19
    Language: English
    Minimum Level: 45

    We are friendly and competitive. No juvenile drama. Looking to fill out our ranks with members who can do a minimum of 1,000 points per race. Prefer English but not a deal-breaker if you can communicate. You must communicate with the team in co-op chat to discuss what's going on, let us know what's going on with you, and occasionally coordinate help and regatta tasks.

    We're currently Silver League for the first time in many months (after suddenly losing a few good players for a variety of reasons) but about to be promoted back to Gold where we belong (way out in front in 1st place with a couple hours to go). We dump tasks selectively to accommodate players with different styles. We have a lot of experience and help each other constantly. But we know life happens and just ask players to opt out of racing when they can't focus on getting tasks done. Communication is key!

    Join us for the help and competition, stay for the fun and friendship.

    Paul/Madena, Co-Leader
    Profile Code: 9Y6WM7

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    Regatisti uniti

    Buongiorno a tutti. .siamo una bella ed affiatata coop in lega d oro. ...cerchiamo nuovi membri x scalare sempre di più la vetta dei primati mondiali. ...facciamo tutti il massimo delle missioni. chi non riesce basta che si impegni come può. ...innanzitutto lealtà. ..amicizia ed allegria. ...spero che verrete a trovarci. ...regatisti uniti. ..ciao 😁

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    Looking for new members
    Co-op Name: Russell's Cove
    Co-op Tag: #RUSU49
    Blue Paw print
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Number of Members: 9
    Level Requirement: 53
    Language: English

    We're looking for people who: Active players who like to help and participate in Regatta.

    We are an active and friendly group that likes to chat and help out fellow co-op members. We left our co-op three weeks ago and placed 1st in each Regatta. We are currently in the silver league. Come join us!

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    Co-op Name: Bad News Bears
    Co-op Tag: #D47S6S
    Co-op Status: Open (for now)
    Co-op Description: Blue Anchor
    Platform: All
    Number of Members: 7
    Level Requirement: 40 (negotiable)
    Current League: Gold (Gold Cup winner)

    If you're looking for late night conversations that bring tears of laughter along with high performing Regatta players, Bad News Bears is for you. We are a social, moderately competitive co-op looking to add the same to our player base. Team work and communication of goals are our main focus to ensure our continued success.

    Our minimum Regatta requirement is 1,900, however opting out of racing is fine as well. Tasks under 125 are dumped quickly, highly desirable tasks (helis, HOL, Feed Animals, Zoo Hot Items, Milk, Mining) are FC/FS with no limit as long as you complete quickly. Other tasks that take longer, such as ships can be reserved.

    We utilize chat for just that, chat, and use our Facebook group to help answer questions or give high level advice so there is an archive of good info. Orders get filled quickly within the co-op to help each member move along. Our player base is international but we do ask that English is the primary language. We have players ranging from L43-L79, so a good mix of old and new.

    We can be reached on Line at Allerielle, on Facebook groups as Bad News Bears Township Mobile or ingame at #37E2FF

    Come check us out!

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    We are looking for members!

    Co-op Name: Pandora’s Box
    Co-op Status: By request
    Co-op Icon Description: Snowflake on blue background
    Number of Members: 15
    Level Requirement: 40
    Language: English
    Co-op Tag: #PN4S9M

    We are a friendly, helpful co-op. We do 132 – 135 (or 135 only) tasks depending on how many of us racing at a time. We do all 16 tasks, and do task requests (securing the next factory, harvesting, ship or farming task for a short period of time). It is OK to opt out the race. We have a Facebook group for easy communication.

    We offer: fun and the golden trophy - we finish in the top 3 most of the time, we don't care about placement on the leader boards, rather focusing on having fun.

    We are looking for: friendly, dedicated players, who speak English and love the game.

    Join us – everybody is welcome and accepted!

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