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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Route 66

    Route 66 is looking for some awesome new members!
    Must be competitive, read chat, and have fun.
    We only do tasks over 125 the rest are dumped.
    We like to claim long tasks so we can prep for them.
    We ask that members complete a minimum of 5 tasks but 16 would be great!
    We all love to help out other members also!
    Co-op name: route 66
    Co-op tag: RUF4Z6
    Co-op status: open
    Required level: 50

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    Co-op name- Older n wiser
    Co-op tag- #dr3r3h
    Co-op status- Request only
    icon description- smile face with purple background
    # of members - 28
    Level requirement- 66
    Language - English

    We offer- an active team with excellent support for its members. Our team consists of players in Europe, Asia and all over the United States. All members must complete between 8-16 tasks. We require members ask for help and give help so tasks go faster. We stay in the Golden league.

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    Friendly co-op seeking new members. Our goal is to be in top 3 in order to get lots of rewards. Team members must complete all tasks. Township cash needed only for extra task if race is close. Must be willing to help others and chat about game-related matters. Prefer dedicated players who can complete tasks quickly vs. last minute. Send private message to me telling why you would be an asset to our team. Please provide friend code in your message.

    Regatta Racing Friends #REG3DJ
    Platforms: iOS and Android
    Language: English
    League: Gold
    Required Level: 60+ (will consider 50 or higher)
    Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon: White smiley face on purple shield
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    Co-op Name: Crazy town
    Co-op Tag:#CRESXR
    Co-op Status: open
    Co-op Icon Description: Crazy people together come and enjoy working together doing a minimum of 5 tasks each
    Platform: phone/tablet
    Number of Members:29
    Level Requirement:60+
    League: Gold

    We offer: An established friendly helpful co-op, plenty of help and advice

    We're looking for someone who: will help other members regularly join in the Regatta and who are willing to do at least 5 tasks

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    We are a group of friends (all met on Township) who want to have a group that works together to complete Regatta tasks. We don't require a ton, only 5 tasks and 50 helps over the course of a 1 week Regatta. Although, quite a few do WAY more than this, that is just our basic requirements. Most everyone chats, and is very friendly. We'd like to add you to our growing group of friends!

    Co-op Name:The Swashbucklin' Bay
    Co-op Tag: #HEZEWW
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Icon: Blue background with Boat wheel for logo Description: New group of old friends, trying to build anew. Basic requirements for all: 50 Helps/5 Regatta Tasks
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 26
    Level Requirement: 45
    Language: English

    We offer:
    A warm and friendly environment to chat, play, and enjoy Township!

    We're looking for people who:
    Are willing to help, and work towards winning regattas.

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook, etc.)

    You can FB message me at:
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    Friendly & Helpful Co-op looking for members!

    Hey guys! I’m looking for new members to join my co-op! I’d love some friendly, helpful players that like to chat. Helping is Mandatory, but Regatta is optional.
    I am personally on Level 56

    Co-op Name: FlutterbyHelpers
    Co-op Tag: #FUUQFF
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: A white butterfly on a teal shield with a gold border.
    Level Requirement: 20
    Language: English

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    COOPERATIVA Quinta da Revolta #QU35S3
    Vamos ser grandes! Vem daí.

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    Houston, Texas

    Hi it's Sunny from MugsyVille

    I'm going to try to send you the links to the information I was telling you about. Hopefully it works!! LOL
    Well no I can't attach any files to this message. Maybe you can find me on Facebook easier than I can find you & you can add me to Messenger.
    My Facebook page is
    DaySun Sunny Thorndyke
    Shouldn't be hard to find me Houston, Texas & my profile picture is of my French Bulldog Mugsy,
    Hence my Town name MugsyVille!!

    Happy Hunting and I hope you have better luck than I have.


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    Rochester, NY
    Co-op Name: Town Groupies
    Co-op Tag: #WHG357
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: A yellow shield with the sun symbol. Border is usually golden, sometimes silver on a rainy day.
    Platform: Whatever platform you normally use.
    Number of Members: Currently 24/30 members. Looking for 6 more!

    Level Requirement: At least level 30. The higher the better however! Most of our members are above level 40. Over half are above level 50. We have members as high as level 68. Higher levels are not required, but usually this gives players a speed advantage in regattas because of upgrades.

    Language: English. Please be able to communicate in English. It's ok if it is not your native language and isn't perfect, as long as we can understand you Our co-op actively uses the chat section to communicate about on going regattas.

    We offer: Silver and Golden league. We are usually in the Golden league, but as it's highly competitive, we sometimes get demoted to Silver, only to be promoted back into Golden league again. We are aiming to win first place in the Golden league to achieve the Legendary Yachtsman achievement! Players communicate with each other using the chat feature on a regular basis and everyone is very polite! All members are extremely helpful to each other. Please don't take advantage of this as we are looking for members who do the same. We are aiming to win!

    We are looking for: Active players that help out others in the co-op as much as possible. We have a minimum requirement of 4 tasks per regatta, though most members complete many more. We are aiming to achieve first place in the Golden league, so we need ambitious and like-minded players to join us!

    Contact Us: Simply look for our co-op using our tag #WHG357 in game and request to join our co-op! Feel free to add a more personal message in your request. We accept members based off of their current stats such as level AND # of other players helped and/or amount of goods shared with co-op members (as long as one or both of those #'s are good then you should be accepted!). If you have a high level, but have never helped out single player, you will be rejected. We are looking for helpful players! And we are aiming to win! If this sounds like you, please come join us!
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    We are looking for players who are somewhat competitive in regattas but are willing to help each other as well. Anybody is welcome to join. If you are from another country we only ask that you understand and can type english as this is how we communicate When racing in regattas and with each other. We are 6 strong and growing. And look foward to having new team mates and friends. Our co op is called cocktails and dreams. #ccxyfd.

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