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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Aug 2016
    Quality AG Inc is looking for new members. Our Co-Op tag is: QUJX23 Co-Op status: Open. Our Icon is White cow on brown background Platform: IOS. Level requirement: 57 We currently have 18 members and growing. Currently Silver League in Regatta. English speaking Co-Op all countries welcome

    We offer: A friendly, helping, polite group with no drama

    Looking for new members who will participate in each Regatta

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    Co-op Name: Mystopolis
    Co-op Tag: MYS3PQ
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Teal Star
    Number of Members: 9
    Level Requirement: 50
    Language: English

    We were rather casual but not so much anymore.
    If racing is turned on members must complete a minimum of 6 tasks per regatta, as well as helping other members, further tasks are purely optional and not required. Task count may go up over time.
    One of our members can only do a specific type of task, which we reserve for her. Reserving is fine as long as we know (in chat) before race start, but hogging several task types in advance is frowned upon as many of us do a variety.
    We've had a few freeloaders in the past, so the 6 task minimum is now enforced by myself and co-leaders.
    Due to our differing timezones we're not all always on at the same time. If you need instant responses and are highly sociable this probably isn't the place for you.

    If you want to join send a join request ingame.
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    LOOKING for active players to participate in Regatta. Have three who finish all tasks, but one is not holding their own and one just left. Does not like requirement of 7 tasks in Regatta. You can contact me on Facebook, Carla Fox, or send me a request on Township.

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    Всем привет!!! Ищу активных союзников в нашу команду))) язык общения русский. Союз - ostwind. Тег союза su9jdg. Золотая лига. Задания 16/135.дружный коллектив, взаимопомощь мгновенная. Уровень вступления 50+. Присоединяйся к нам - будем рады!!!

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    Всем привет!!! Ищу активных союзников в нашу команду))) язык общения русский. Союз - ostwind. Тег союза su9jdg. Золотая лига. Задания 16/135.дружный коллектив, взаимопомощь мгновенная. Уровень вступления 50+. Присоединяйся к нам - будем рады!

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    Co-op name - Happy Townshippers
    Logo - smiley face, purple background
    Id - hp5fr8
    Teams - Rosecliffe (me) & Acornshire

    Only been going a couple of months and we are now in golden league. Both of us do all the tasks 120 - 135 points. We'll also buy the extra task if it means we get promoted/ a reward. I'm happy to promote members and we are both very helpful. Looking for active members to do at least 10 tasks. Not overly competitive - we don't run off and do all the tasks in the first couple of days and we don't just do 135 ones. Happy to have helpful, non racing members as long as they opt out of regattas. Looking for more members as it's pretty hardwork with just two - in the current race we'll have gained almost 4000 points and might still get demoted even if we bought tasks as everyone is on roughly the same number. Rather depressing 😕 New members would preferably be around the same level as us (62 & 57) or above.

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    Would you consider merging into us. We are golden league with 4 members

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    members needed

    Co op name is TW helpers
    Coop tag is #wm6up7
    Members are 5 members
    Level requirement is 19
    Current league is golden
    We are looking for active members. No matter what level you are we will welcome you will open arms. Level 19 and above welcomed. In this coop we help where they can. We will be promoted to the gold league after this regatta round. We are a relaxed group and Our main aim is to maintain our gold league status.
    This is our requirements
    - don’t tolerate any drama.
    - must participate in regattas.
    - sometimes life happens so please opt out of regatta.
    - must complete in at least 6 tasks with average of 125
    - we have a Facebook group/chat. We expect every member to join this group.
    - must be English speaking.
    -must help each other when needed
    Mainly have fun and be happy , it’s only a game after all.

    Please message me here if you have questions or want to join
    Thanks jamie

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    Red face Nieuwe Coop De komieken nederlands

    Aan iedereen die een nieuwe leuke gezellige Coop zoekt waar ook aan de regatta meegedaan wordt. Deze nieuwe Coop is heel gemakkelijk te vinden, naam de komieken, coopnummer #DEJ92Z. Er staat nu level 50 aangegeven maar ook bij een iets lager level ben je van harte welkom. De deur staat open. Wij hopen spoedig meer leden te krijgen om gezellig met elkaar te spelen, te chatten, te helpen en de race mee te gaan spelen. Groetjes City of friends en maaskantje.

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    Co-op Name: The Big Apple
    Co-op Tag: #HENW42
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only) Open
    Co-op Description: All That You Can Be
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 5
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: English

    We offer: I am a daily player. As soon as I get a notification for the game, I am on. Whether it's for harvesting goods, loading rail cars, airplane crates or tasks. I am always checking on my members and neighbors to see if they need help. I will help them out no matter what, even of it means buying items in the city market.

    We're looking for people who: A group of people who are willing to participate in the regatta. I am the only one doing tasks. I have one person who always takes one task and never finishes and another person who will only complete one task. And another who just for an nothing.
    All I am asking for are people who want to complete tasks and help out. No drama an no fighting.

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook link, etc.)

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