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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Co-op Name: Scene of existence
    Co-op Tag: #SCE2XS
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Green tree
    Platform: Android / Apple
    Number of Members: 19
    Level Requirement: 40
    Language: English

    We offer: A friendly group, Active players, very helpful and supportive
    Been in golden league and silver, committed to staying in golden league.

    We're looking for people who: love playing township and taking part in the regattas. Minimum requirement of completing 6 tasks if racing, however most members complete the maximum number of tasks. If opting out of racing, must make an effort to help.

    We really need more members to join our Co Op - We are really nice people but we need more friends :-)

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    If u would let me delete tasks im in! My last coop was delete all low tasks n doubles but switched it to only delete 10. It was hard to get high tasks with that rule...

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    Co-op The Daydreamers

    Must complete 7 or more task in the regatta and as well help out your teammates. If that's you come and join. We need good players that want to compete.

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    Lightbulb ***Natures Seasons Co-Op Currently Recruiting new Team Members***

    Co-Op Name: Nature’s Seasons 16
    Co-Op Tag: #N4V2D3
    Co-Op Icon Description: Bird head in Red/Gold shield with Purple Background
    Members: 8/30
    Language: English (mandatory)
    Level Requirement:
    League: Golden League
    Join Status: By Request
    Point Range for Tasks: None
    Minimum Points Required: None
    Minimum Task Requirement: Regatta Level Requirement without Leaders Approval
    Co-Op Rules: Must participate in Regatta unless otherwise approved by leaders. If you are unable to race, you must opt-out or you will be put on probation. Two weeks of probation will result in communication from Leader. Three weeks of probation, without leader approval, will result if removal from co-op. Three weeks of no communication, without leader’s approval, will result in removal from Co-Op. We understand things come up, and you are welcome to rejoin to explain. We are always willing to give another chance. We also require that you help the co-op as much as possible.
    Regatta Policy: We work off a reserve/request policy for tasks. Task request goes as follows in chat (example- **task rqst-trains-125**). Members are required to notify chat when tasks are picked up by posting a note (example- **task taken-trains-125**). Task requests have a time limit- You may request a task for up to 8 hours- before it returns to first come first serve. (Tasks such as the House of Luck are NOT eligible for reserve). This enables to track what is available and improves communication within our team.
    **Note: Leader tracks stats, task requests and communications. **
    **Note 2: Leader checks in to game twice per day, 11am and 9pm PST. Requests outside this time are monitored by co-leaders.
    **Note 3: Monday-Fri Leaders will check tasks and delete anything of a low value or duplicates (this means 2 or one item or anything lower than 125 points (Unless item has been reserved). Sat-Sun all tasks will remain in effort for every team member to finish their goals.
    Description: We are a semi-competitive group that likes to chat and get to know each other. Mostly we enjoy just having fun with the Regatta and helping each other succeed at the game. We are low pressure, but do have some rules (see above). We are currently recruiting members as some of our originals have moved on to real life things and are unable to participate on a regular basis. We would like to grow our co-op into one of the best. If you think you are a match for us, we hope you will check us out. We are currently offering a “get to know us period” where co-op will be open to join and you can check us out for 2 weeks (or 2 regattas) without penalty of removal.
    We welcome you to check us out and hope you will find our Co-op as great as we do. Please leave a note in your request on where you found this ad, You can contact us through our Facebook team page ( ) or Private message me ( ) with questions.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon 

    Leader- CF

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    Looking For New Co-op Members

    Coop tag #CHR7EN, we have fun and chat a lot, also have our own FB group (with information and advice, you can join if you like once you're a coop member)

    Rule: play at least 15x125 or opt out in regatta. We speak English🇺🇸🇬🇧, German🇩🇪 and Dutch 🇳🇱
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    Co-op Name: Game of Phones
    Co-op tag: #GMUMHY
    Co-op Icon: Green cherries on a green background
    Gold League
    Platform of your choice
    English speaking group - International members welcome
    Members: 21
    Co-op status: by request
    Minimum Level: 40

    Leader: FuNkY ToWn lvl 74
    Friend Code: AKXGAF
    Line app a must for communication - Message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town

    We are a well established co-op that broke off from a full group of mostly inactive players. We raced our way right back up to the Gold League and consistently place in the top 3. We have a great strategy that works for our group. We love to race and we love to win, more importantly we love to have fun!

    Line app a must for ease of communication (message me on Line "PermInk11" AKA Funky Town to join or ask questions) By using Line, we are able to make sure that everyone gets all the game info needed or any changes that we make that affects the group as a whole. We discuss the game, tips and chat on Line. English speaking group with some International members.

    We are searching for some new, active members who love to race and help one another.
    * 10 tasks minimum per race
    * tasks below 120 points get dumped
    * task reservations called out in game chat.
    * Helping other members is a MUST!


    Life comes first, we totally understand - communication is key. No drama will be tolerated, you will be kicked immediately.

    We are a friendly group of men and women that like to have fun playing TS - come check us out!!
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    Co-op Name: A-Team (gold league)
    Co-op Tag: #4YD4J9
    Co-op Status: by request
    Co-op Icon Description: brown tree
    Platform: iOS/Android both
    Number of Members: 8, about 6 opt in at any given time
    Level Requirement: was 50, just dropped to 35. Most of us are 70s-80s.
    Language: English

    We're active, regular, helpful players who tend not to stress too much. We usually do well, top 4-5, without trying too hard. The leaderboard is relatively unimportant to us, but we like to collect all the rewards.

    We have a moderate task requirement (6) though most do 10+ for fun so that's worth shooting for. We also ask for 50 helps a week. Helping is really the most important thing. Giving and getting help means you advance faster, earn more coins, get more accomplished.

    We delete tasks under 120, under 125 if the race is close. We encourage reserving tasks -- House of Luck goes to whoever has the most helps at the time, and moves down the list from there. (Failing to check the chat window first and taking a reserved task will result in a small hissy fit.)

    We are sometimes chatty, sometimes not, depends on who's online and the time of day. We're global, so someone is always on. Most of us care about each others' lives: we sympathize when L's dad is in the hospital, cheer when R sold her house, send good vibes so J does well on her midterms.

    It would be nice to find people who:

    Play a lot, want to have fun, give and get help, and fit in with the team.

    Opt out when they can't be online a lot. Not racing is perfectly fine, but we still expect help with product requests and trains/planes, unless you're truly offline.

    One of our members is in Europe, one in the Philippines, so it would be great to have more players in those regions who can contribute when the North Americans are sleeping. Australia/Pacific would be great. But anyone is welcome to give us a try.

    Aren't that keen on mining tasks because a couple of us like to do a lot of them

    We want new members because:

    We've typically been a small team, but two members quit the game in the last few months and we miss them terribly. More people = more fun.

    Contact Us: search by our tag and request to join -- if your stats look good, you're in!
    Playing since 9/19/2016
    Level 102 iOS
    Zoo level = I hate the new zoo
    Co-op A-team (by request) #4YD4J9

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    Co-op Name: Sea Force
    Co-op Tag: #SENECW
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: Currently 16 (looking to grow)
    Level Requirement: 40
    Language: English

    Currently we at Golden League and have existing active, sharing & friendly members. No arguments / dramas so far and will not happen!
    Complete 10 tasks will earn you Elder position.
    Complete all 15 tasks with 135 points will earn you Co-Leader.
    Allow to dump tasks (be independent) except for reserved task by other members. (Do check chat message every time you log in)
    Set to Not Racing is allowed to take a break.

    We're looking for people who are actives that can manage at least a minimum of 5 tasks.
    Feel free to drop by Sea Force and join us if you feel you want to grow with us!
    Da Ge,
    Co op - Sea Force #SENECW
    Township lvl 91 - Android

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    Can you change from racing to not racing like if you're on vacation and how? Thanks

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    TAG: #MYRZK2

    MEMBERS: 5

    We're looking teammates that help others and participate
    in regattas. Communication is necessary to help during regatta seasons.
    Co-op Name: MYRTLEBAY
    Co-op Tag: #MYRZK2


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