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Thread: Moderately Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Союз "Моряк" ищет новых участников!

    Друзья! Союз " Моряк" ( золотая лига) ищет активных русскоязычных игроков, которые хотят участвовать в регате и в которых силён командный дух. Мы будем рады вам. Условия: от 50 уровня, вступление по запросу. Ждём!

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    Hello Townshippers!
    Tikki's co-op is looking for two new members to join our very active team in golden league.
    We help each other a lot, both for clovers and support, and aim for the top 3 every week. And we pretty much succeed at that!
    (Score so far: 8 times #1, 7 times #2, 9 times #3)

    If you meet the following, please consider joining us!

    -Play 130-135 tasks only (the occassional 128 quicky to make it to 15/16 tasks is fine)
    -Play at least 10 tasks a week (although most of us aim for 15 or 16 when necessary)
    -Active helper / Let others help you too by asking for help filling your crates
    -Minimum level: 72
    -We chat, but not 24/7
    -Language is English

    We've got players from Europe, America, the middle east and south-east Asia, so if you like to play in a international team, come and join!
    We also have a (closed) group on Facebook for communication and we keep our score history there.

    Co-op tag: #K6EVKM
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    Looking to put team together

    Co-op Name:the gang
    Co-op Tag: #HE9J8U
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only)
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching)
    Number of Members:
    Level Requirement:25
    Language: English

    We offer:help ,and understanding of the game,

    We're looking for people who: are looking to leArn more about game and how to win

    Contact Us there is a face book page ,
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    Hi guys
    Name of Co-op- Helping Hands
    Purple Flag with white Star
    No players- 15
    Looking for level 47 upwards( must be active)
    Minimum- 5 tasks
    Leader:- Miss Colleena Town.

    We are looking for people who have a sense of humour, like competing in the Regatta, like to communicate.
    We are a friendly gang, easy going very active.
    Our donations levels are very high, everybody gets help with their tasks, if making up products for the plane task
    Likewise, helping out by making up missing bread,cotton,sugarcane for train carriages.

    If you want to have a break from Regatta, this is no problem, just adjust you setting accordingly.

    We would love you to check us out, & join us, look forward to meeting you.
    Best of Luck with your game.
    Miss Colleena.

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    Looking For New Members

    Hello everyone!!

    Im looking for active new members to my co-op. 5 to be exact.

    We will make sure members remain active(clean up is every 2 months). I understand people have lives so I'm understanding.

    All members are easy going and good donaters.

    Check me out at texas2.0
    Its with the blue anchor, 25members and the leader is named Kristin.

    Hope to see u there

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    Red face This co op can offer you what you have been missing

    The requirements for this co op that your kind and considerate to fellow members,
    You help your fellow members with their planes and trains when you can,
    Your level 35 or higher,
    You compete in the regatta and finish the number of task that you are allowed that are worth atleast 120 points ( dont expect you to spend tcash on extra task unless you want to)
    We play the regatta to win and plan on moving up the rank to gold, so if you would like to be a part of a team thats goal is to be the best we would love to have you

    I started this co op with my mom and sister because we were tired of being in a co op full of people who wouldnt try in the regatta but reap the rewards that we earned( not to sound rude but the 3 of us each earned over 1 thousand points and they earned only around 1 hundred yet they get the prizes too, which could be quite frustrating) and no matter how much you helped them with their planes and trains they wouldnt even bother to help you when you needed it.
    We may be a small co op right now but the members are helpful and kind people who were tired of being in a non helpful and active co op. This co op believe s that everyone should contribute so that it is a fair, helpful and most importantly a fun co op So if this is the type of co op you would to be a part of we would be more than happy to have you join the name of the co op is
    The Musketeers
    Tag #HE7394
    If you have any questions id be more than happy to answer them
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    Golden League needing a few great members!
    Ahoy Mates, We are ' Helping Hand'...2nd Place last regatta.
    If you are interested in joining our family..go to #HEQV8D..Leader poochtown, And I am the Co Captain...Wen Mon ..friend code..HJNUAB...SEA you there..⛵

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    Searching for new members

    Co-op Name: Team regatta (#E5c6d9)
    Co-op tag: sailboat <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://immhpnclomdloikkpcefncmfgjbkojmh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_64.png);background-position:4.166666666666667% 45.833333333333336%;background-size:4900%" data-codepoints="26f5"></span></span>
    Co-op Icon: Green
    Silver League
    English speaking group - International members welcome
    Members: 21
    Co-op status: by request
    Minimum Level: 20

    Leader: is rotated by top score in regatta current leader is Peacock Mt.
    We are a well established co-op that broke off from a full group of mostly inactive players. We raced our way up to silver League and consistently place in the top 3. We will be in the gold league next round We have a great strategy that works for our group. We love to race and we love to win, more importantly we love to have fun. We discuss the game, tips and chat on Line. English speaking group with some International members.

    We are searching for some new, active members who love to race and help one another.
    * 7 tasks minimum per race
    * task reservations called out in game chat.
    * Helping other members is a MUST! Must help 50 times during the regatta


    Life comes first, we totally understand - communication is key. No drama will be tolerated, you will be kicked immediately.

    We are a friendly group of men and women that like to have fun playing TS - come check us out!!

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    Cool looking to build team

    coop name = The gang
    coop Tag =#HE9J8U
    co.op status open
    icon :blue with axes
    level requirement 25
    language :English

    The gang are looking for players who want to be a part of a team, that helps each other, that communicate, and gives advice

    At the moment there is a opening for a co leader to help set it up

    the gang do have a Facebook page

    Friend code: VENKFY
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    TeamSpirit Hope looking for active Members

    Co-op name: TeamSpirit Hope
    Co-op status: open
    Icon: green with horseshoe
    Platform: Windows PC/Notebook
    Number of members: only 4 just starting out
    Level requirement: 20
    Language: English, German, Dutch

    We are a New Coop looking for new active, competitive members. Requirement: Lvl 20 / interactive / helpful / fun fun fun

    Join if
    - You like to play in a Team and participate of good TeamSpirit
    - You like to help Your Teammates
    - You join the Regatta and do a minimum of lucky 7 Tasks or 700 Pts a Race
    - You like to interact and Chat with other Coop-Members
    - You are friendly and interactive

    So if You feel You want to race with us...join our Coop and get ready to sail!
    Fair Winds and happy sailing!

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