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Thread: Collect Coins From Businesses

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    Collect Coins From Businesses

    I love these types of games and have played many of them. I used to be a very high level in Cityville on FB a long time ago. In that game, you could collect coins for profit every so often from all the businesses. Each business had its own allotted time, and you just had to click on it.

    I feel that it takes a very long time to save up coins compared to how quickly you can level up and purchase new buildings, especially when paying for your crops constantly.

    Honestly, most games allow you to collect profits from their businesses, and I was surprised to learn that I couldn't do that in Township.
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    Hi AliCat

    Different game, different way of doing things. Personaly I deleted many of these games asking us to keep clicking everywhere for very little. I was really happy to see that Township was using a different strategy.

    Check the forums section for New to Township, mainly the threads at the beginning (stickies). You will find discussion on how to make more coins.

    Lastly, Township is a slow game. Everything takes time in it.

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