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Thread: Game Difficult & Slow Progress Takes Away Fun

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    Funny that people always complain cause things arent going fast enough. Yes I have been frustrated on some lvls. But just keep trying and U will eventually get it. Im at lvl 1200+. I havent spent a single dime on this game. I have 15000+ gold, 50+ double bombs, 60+ rainbows, 50+ rainbow/dynamite and 10+ shovels.
    So how is this game to difficult?
    And U removed those funny moles, so sad to give in, cause people complain so much. 😔

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    There are obviously very different views of "funny", Pixalot.
    So your experience is different than others, and the game is not too difficult for you.... Thanks for the report, I guess.

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    I’ve been playing level 1680 over and over again and what I hate about this level is that it requires you to get 40 pears and it doesn’t give you 40 pears. Probably just half of it. So your lightning blasters no matter how many they are are useless if there is no PEAR!!! And more irritating is that it’s a TIMED LEVEL!!! So UNFAIR!!! This game is becoming SO COSTLY!!!

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    I agree it is so frustrating I have only just joined the forum to say I'm thinking of deleting it. The spin the wheel is just a joke I have 81 lives but if you can't get through a level all the lives in world won't help. It would be better to give us a rock to bash some thing with. Or more bombs just something helpful. If it doesn't improve soon I'm gone. I've been playing for over a year and enough is enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanna069 View Post
    The spin the wheel is just a joke...

    That's exactly my complain. It's our life time. If all (or most of the single games) would be solvable - I would say nothing. Difficulty in solving a game is completely okay, but if you don't have a chance because of you get an unsolvable game (for instance if you should collect 40 apples and you only get 35 the whole time a single game is running) that's a waste of time. It's really frustrating.

    One could not complain if that sometimes would be the case. But it is often, often, often. That is not satisfying.

    On the other hand - not satisfying (for me) are the single games too, which do solve without using any skills, because the bombs are raining. And often you have the routine of a lot of unsolvable games followed by a game that solves itself. Okay, then you are at least glad that you can progress in the game, but satisfactory is not the right word for that.

    Rarely you get a really really good single game, where you have to use your skills. I wish there would be more of this kind of games.

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    I absolutely love what this game is about, but I do agree it is disproportionate.

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    i'm getting fed up and frustrated, no fun in the game having to play the same level weeks on end

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    whether you play garderscapes or homescapes, these games are really no fun at all, one keeps playing but i honestly don't know why i do myself, what's the joy in having to play a level 100 times or more to pass to the next and start the process all over again, days and weeks on end for the same levels, my cat in homescapes died 10 times over before i could ever beat the level to feed it, pffff, rubbish, i'll find something else i hope because this is getting more annoying than joyful playing

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    2 stars to welcome someone into your house i, gardenscapes !!!! isn't that a bit over the top, especially if the levels aren't too easy

    in homescapes 'catch the robber' for 1 star, by the time i get my star the robber will have been around the world several times

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    I have been stuck on level 300 for almost a month, its frustrating beyond belief. I play it every day multiple times a day. I get so close and then run out of lives. This isn't fun anymore.

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