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Thread: Game Difficult & Slow Progress Takes Away Fun

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    Sorry to hear that level is giving you trouble. I find if you wait a day or two without playing, the level magically gets easier

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    Am I playing the same game?

    This limited moves nonsense is [removed] and RNG is pissing me off. I'm 70 levels in and I've failed, on average, four times a level. The game looks really beautiful and completing objectives is really gratifying, but you're really testing my patience. And your hints don't improve my success rate. Some sort of difficulty setting that increases (OR COMPLETELY REMOVES) the move counter IS NECESSARY.
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    If you are running out of moves four times a level, it would be because you are wasting your moves on little matches. You need to work on conserving your moves and try to set up matches that will give you the most yield, like producing chains of explosives.
    The move counter is an integral part of the game, so take your time and spend your moves wisely. The hints are optional, you do not have to follow them.

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    Need More Stars

    I would like to see a bonus round that will allow us to collect more stars. We collect other things but the stars are essential to the game. I would rather have stars than 6 hours of playing time.

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    Responder al hilo

    Quiero ganar estrellas

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    In the past special events have awarded stars (dog training most recently), and the feedback was really positive, so maybe they will do it again!

    I think the problem with awarding stars outside of levels is eventually you'll get caught up and have more stars than garden areas to decorate.

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    Unfair?? Game Difficulty

    I want to collect coins for the Halloween even, plus fireworks on those events, but obviously levels get harder. If on high levels each one is a challenge itself. I am wondering if it is even possible to complete enough levels in 5 days to complete the challenge? What levels are other players on?

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    Some time ago I asked a similar question, members answered, that the difficulty isn't increasing, neither in higher levels. Now I can confirm it's really randomly. Maybe at the weekend it'll give the orangery event (or something similar), so it should be easier to earn pumpcoins.

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    I have been stuck on the same level for several days now. It's a timed level. And as a stressed out mom, I can't think that quickly on a game. I enjoy the other levels that are not timed because you can make a plan of action. I think the timed levels should either be removed or made much simpler.

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    Level 73

    I have stopped playing the game. I don't mind hard levels but been on 73 for way too long.
    Thanks for the game. It was fun

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