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Thread: Regatta Opt Out

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    Regatta Opt Out

    Leaders should be able to decide who can and cannot participate in the regatta. Most coops have rules and if a player doesn't comply with them (like a number of tasks) what we do is kick them out of the coop, however, sometimes in a week you just can't do that number of tasks and you're an elder in the coop, still the leader needs to penalize the member so a less crucial penalty is to be able to have them not participating in the regatta.

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    Hi Mery

    This idea has been debate often on the forums. Most players are not in favor of it. Nobody want someone else to have control on their game. It is the responsability of each player to decide if they have time for the game or not. If their week is too busy, they have to opt out. Their responsability, not yours to decide for them.

    If you read the link in my signature, you will see the devs have ruled it out too.

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