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Thread: No lives/lives from friends screen changes

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    No lives/lives from friends screen changes

    2 suggestions:

    - When you have no lives left in the counter, but you have lives sent from friends, don't have the "no lives left" screen pop up, go directly to the "lives sent/inbox" pop up, so user can immediately accept lives.

    - If you can't accept more than 5 lives at once, don't make the "accept all" button effectively delete all your surplus friends' gifts. It should refill 5 and leave the rest.

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    Yikes! I didn't realize "accept all" erased the rest of the lives I usually try to accept only 1 or 2 at a time since I often cannot play for very long and want the timer to give me as many as possible lol. Still, if that is the case I agree that should be changed for sure.

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    Ela, the accept all without leaving the remainder may be a glitch for you to bring up to the developers. It hasn't done that to me, but like Honor, I usually only accept 1-3 at a time. The reason being is that it allows the count down for the next life to be generated to continue instead of restarting like it does when you lose your first out of five lives :-)

    Ps- love the idea to reroute you to your friends lives instead of having to manually hunt them down. I know the devs probably have done it this way on purpose to get players to prematurely & often accidentally click on the button to spend those rare coins. I mean, the faster you use them up, the more likely you will make an in app purchase out of desperation
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