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Thread: Looking For MAC Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Lynn View Post
    I hope I’m doing this correctly!
    My name is Terry Lynn, I’m on level 53, Ttown is my Town name and I play on my iPad. I’m in need of more friends as I’ve maxed out on community friends. I love to compete and help each other in the Regattas. I’m currently in an amazing coop with great team players.
    Add me and don’t forget to like my Town (it’s a work in progress since I’ve focused on clearing enough land first).

    Let's be Township neighbors!
    To add me to your friends list, enter this code: SAEF2R
    Hi Terry - if you are playing on an iPad, then you need to use the iOS friends thread found here -

    The MAC thread is for those using MacOS.

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    My code : 3hjx2z

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    Township name: Backwater
    Real name: Kathie . (u can call me Kathie or Backwater )
    Love to help, i like more to fill others crates than send helicopter orders
    Code: TC9UTH

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    Name: seby
    Town Name & Level:seby, level : 112
    zoo: level 155
    Favorite Thing About Township:regata and helping other players
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: we are 3 players in co-op named seby and we looking for much more players.
    I have 50 friends in game and to achieve urbanist club, I need more facebook friends. pls. invite me.

    Invite Code:BB6BPT
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):

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    Looking for MAC friends my code is QTNV9V.
    I am lvl 17 at the moment, but rising fast.
    Town is: Hometown
    Name is: Iradessa

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    Town Name: Splendor Canada code : GQCJG2
    Facebook: Splendor Canada if you want to send a friend request.
    I am also in a Co-op that needs members level 50 and up.

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