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Thread: Looking For MAC Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Looking For MAC Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

    If you're at all confused about platform compatibility, please visit the Friending Guide.
    In short, MAC players can only be friends with other MAC players.


    A shiny new thread for MAC players to share invite codes and/or Facebook profiles (you can review the old thread here)! Remember to adjust your privacy settings so other users can see and add you.

    Below is a sample form you may use. It's not required, but I'd recommend including most of what it asks for. It's just nice for other players to know a little about you.

    Name (what you like to be called):
    Town Name & Level:
    Favorite Thing About Township:
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself:

    Invite Code:
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):
    *Facebook searching with only a name and profile picture description can be very difficult. Names are usually common and pictures not quickly identifiable.
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    Add me please. New player but a daily player.

    Friend code is: PX6PCA

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    Name (what you like to be called): Alexandru
    Town Name & Level: RBZ , level 65
    Favorite Thing About Township:Helping other complete regatta tasks

    Invite Code: BX83RT
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):

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    Floribella name town,code AMXVP6,daily player

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    Name: Wayne
    Town Name & Level: Wayner Town, level 55
    Facebook link:

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    Name: Marinella
    Town Name & Level: Marinella, level 118
    Favorite things about Township: the new regate style, the events, the chat, knowing new people all around the world
    Current coop: Papi's co-op

    Likes: all what I don't already know, that means a lot of things , plus walking, gardening, joking, etc...

    My ingame friend list is full, so only via facebook

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    I need Friends and/or neighbors 8ze839

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    My mini Town needs friends
    invite code: BRTZG8

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    hello i would like to join your township

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    Co-op is Sails Aloft
    We are all participants in the regattas.. every member helps and plays
    Please join us for fun with a group from every part of the world


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