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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Hi my name is Fran, I’m looking for friends for my township, my township name is Liverpool, my lvl is 68, I love helping people complete their tasks, my township code is CLL45U, my Facebook invite code is please add me you won’t be sorry I play all the time 😊

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    Please add me (Windows)

    Name Simon
    Town Name & Level: Simon James J
    Favorite Thing About Township:
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself:

    Invite Code: TBR77H
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):

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    Light of the World~Emily
    Hello All!!! My name is Emily, and my PC co-op is Light of the World~Emily. You can find me at 62MSCC. Level goes up every day! Currently I'm fairly low (high 20s) but I have a mobile co-op in the 70s! Looking only for helpful friends. I don't give handouts if you don't plan on helping back. See you soon!

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    Hi All!

    My name is I am looking for friends and am happy to answer friend requests. My friend code is 5UA5UC. Hope to see you guys soon!

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    Hello everyone! I enjoy playing township on WINDOWS and would love you in my neighbourhood.
    My town name is Anilsville and currently at level 19. Playing regularly and will help anyone in need if possible.
    My invite code: RQERTW
    You can add me as a friend on Facebook too:

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    Town Name & Level: Level 5
    Bio: Just starting out - looking for some friends
    Invite Code:
    Facebook Link:

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    i am looking for friend
    my land name is hourani
    my intonation code is :8svbxm
    You can add me as a friend on windows plarex :

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    Looking for Facebook friends.
    Invitation code : HHNU6G
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