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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Marsha Here
    Gypsy Town Just found windows version, was playing on bluestacks, Couldn't find or add friends. So I got to thinking the co-op probably wouldn't work either. Starting over uggg. Daily player. code is KJPQ6W

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    Nikki here,
    Marsha Iā€™m having the same issues as you are......ugh,!!!!!!!! My Co-op tag WCP5N6

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    Hi, looking for facebook friends
    My code



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    Jul 2019
    my friend code: Y29HBZ
    Just started, my only friend is Ernie

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    Aug 2019
    code PKFSH4 Just started

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    I just started playing...
    my code is: KMVMEX

    My town is called Balllyrona and I am level 4

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    Dec 2019
    Hey guys,

    I search for new Friends.

    My Code: 6YNFA4

    Thx for add šŸ˜€

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    hi im search friend please add me to Facebook to play ... My Name in game Galardia lvl 41 and to add me in your Facebook friend just clic the link thank you :

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    Hi I am looking for friends that like to help each other out. I play several times a day and most of my friends don't so, I find myself not being able to get clovers. My Town is MYTown and tag # 7Y4SQC. I look forward to playing with you!!

    Co-Op: Down Home Co-op
    Town: MyTown
    Friend code: #7Y4SQC
    Playing on Windows
    Town Level 66
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    pamsue45 co op is relaxation my code is BG8HT9 need friends that will help i jsut dont get much help i help people all the time i am on here constantly please add me

    sorry name of my town is morning glory
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