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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Marsha Here
    Gypsy Town Just found windows version, was playing on bluestacks, Couldn't find or add friends. So I got to thinking the co-op probably wouldn't work either. Starting over uggg. Daily player. code is KJPQ6W

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    Nikki here,
    Marsha I’m having the same issues as you are......ugh,!!!!!!!! My Co-op tag WCP5N6

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    Hi, looking for facebook friends
    My code



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    my friend code: Y29HBZ
    Just started, my only friend is Ernie

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    code PKFSH4 Just started

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    I just started playing...
    my code is: KMVMEX

    My town is called Balllyrona and I am level 4

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