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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    windows X4USHW

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    Suche noch Nachbarn. Meine Stadt heisst Hogwarts und ich bin auf Stufe 22.

    Bitte auf FB hinzuf├╝gen:

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    Please add me, I love to help if I can. thank you B59HYE

    Name (what you like to be called):Cathy
    Town Name & Level: Level 62
    Favorite Thing About Township: Regatta
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I love playing the games daily, I love to help if I can, thank you

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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Carnegie. My town is called Smileyville. We love to smile and make others smile. :-)
    Looking for new neighbors and friends. Please, no drama. Fun only and mutual respect to all others.

    Playing since: Apr 2019
    Town name: Smileyville
    Invite code: WYZ4UR
    Platform: Windows

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    Township Active Windows Friends

    To all active Windows Pc Township Players Add Your Invite Codes

    Heres My Invite Code: N44PF6

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    Feb 2017
    I need to add some more friends. My code is GRCYUM. Township Prosperity at level 132. Thanks!

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    May 2019
    I play often and help people multiple times a day. I'm on WINDOWS, so please only add me if you are also using Windows. Players from other platforms do not show up on my friends list.

    Friend me here:

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    May 2019
    Hi everyone,... Hallo...,
    we're a small group of TS players -Level 40-62- and we're looking forward for new - active - helpful(!) - team players.
    Starting from level 40-62+.
    We expect regular team working withing regattas and events -per- 6/15 - 500P -.
    OS: Windows (only :-( -)
    Languages: German - English -
    Level: >40
    Co-op Tag: #FREZWE --> Freunde = Co-op/KOOP name
    Facebook group (new)
    Liga: Gold
    Regatta: 9/9
    Regatta average 13/15
    Contact: (M2Z2P9) --> ;-) **** MaNa **** ;-) = city name

    We hope to receive various requests from you to join our fabulous team.

    Cheers, GrŘ▀e,


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    Daily player at level 51 and counting, code ME2AJF

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    Name (what you like to be called): Tam
    Town Name & Level: Silvermoon 51
    Favorite Thing About Township: I love that is like Farmville and sims city rolled in to one
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I am a mom who likes games both games like this and MMOs. I am off and on during the day and always willing to help when I can

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