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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    USA, East Cost
    Quote Originally Posted by ladylattier View Post
    Please feel free to add me! I'm an old player, just started anew a couple of days ago. My code is M64J63.
    I tried add you and it says wrong code,
    My info is in my signature ( you can add me )
    Town Ship Name: Sponnie Vill
    Co-op tag :
    Friend Code: WP4H68
    Kindle fire

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseygirl.247 View Post
    I tried add you and it says wrong code,
    My info is in my signature ( you can add me )
    This thread is for Windows players, so if you're not playing on windows, you won't be able to find them.
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    Looking for Facebook friends for Windows

    Town name is Jade's Peak, rank 34

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    James Preston
    JAMES TOWN lvl 33

    *Frequent Player*
    4 Neighbors still needed to share materials with!

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    Hi. I'm looking for new friends.
    Invite code : MHZ3KB.
    Town name : Chris, level 72, Zoo level 19.
    I play on my laptop, Windows 10.1.
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    Hello all,
    Town Name & Level: mr Giản Đơn LV 42 Zoo 4
    Invite Code: KDHFM3
    Facebook :

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    Township Code --> Y5R8EM
    Town Name --> Akki's Paradise
    Co-op Name --> TotoroTown
    Co-op Tag --> #ZVBGYD
    Facebook Link -->
    Platform --> Windows 10

    Hi, I'm Akchay/Akki.
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    Name Connie
    Town Name & Level: Catsalot/ 68
    Favorite Thing About Township: challenges
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I'm a daily player and have been playing almost a year. Looking for new friends.

    Invite Code: FUYYJA
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    town name: Catsalot
    co-op name: Momma's Fool
    tag name: SMDW2W
    platform: windows pc

    playing since Oct. 2017

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    Hello, I am Volodya
    Town name: Москва-сити (Moscow-city in english)/55 level
    I like to help friends and other players
    I am from Moscow, Russia and i speak english a little bit
    If you are looking for friends please add me by code: FABCPH

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    Hi, I am Yvon and I'm looking for friends.
    Town Name & Level: Yvon (level 16)

    I started two days ago with a new town on my windows laptop. Two/three years ago I started with a town on android, but I don't like that town so much since the zoo update (there is not a lot to do for me). I look for friends which I can help in the game and who can help me (so far I helped 20 people and no one helped me...)

    Invite Code: AX7DP5

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