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Thread: Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Looking For WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

    If you're at all confused about platform compatibility, please visit the Friending Guide.
    In short, WINDOWS players can only be friends with other WINDOWS players.


    A shiny new thread for WINDOWS players to share invite codes and/or Facebook profiles (you can review the old thread here)! Remember to adjust your privacy settings so other users can see and add you.

    Below is a sample form you may use. It's not required, but I'd recommend including most of what it asks for. It's just nice for other players to know a little about you.

    Name (what you like to be called):
    Town Name & Level:
    Favorite Thing About Township:
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself:

    Invite Code:
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):
    *Facebook searching with only a name and profile picture description can be very difficult. Names are usually common and pictures not quickly identifiable.
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    Hi there, I'm searching for some more friends. My Code is F3PCPV.

    Town Name & Level: Memoes & 67
    Favorite Thing About Township: One is the little sweet details
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: If possible I help

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    Township introduction

    Hi! My town is Elizabeth and I'm on level 54. I enjoy playing Township, probably a little too much, ($ - lol) because I find it relaxing and engaging, especially after a long day at work. My township code is ZK9NAT. I would certainly enjoy some fellow "townshippers" as friends. Hope to hear from you soon !

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    hello, my name is esther
    i'm an active player looking for more neighbor to help

    Town Name & Level: Brokkoly & 61
    Favorite Thing About Township: cute graphics and addicting gameplay
    My town code: SRNV3W

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    Hola, busquem gent amb ganes de passar-ho bé, la nostre cooperativa amb el codi #CH4RR7 us espera, el nostre nom es t'ho pensis més i vine!!!!

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    Name: Nonokas
    Town Name & Level: Clairmont, Level 19
    Favorite Thing About Township: The diverse activities and tasks
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: Just a friendly girl, booknerd and dog lover

    Invite Code: 6A5QRK

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    Town Name & Level: Ashley Township,level 8
    Favorite Thing About Township:everything love the game
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: just need more friends

    Invite Code:3VKWGP

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    Town Name & Level: Faulstich Falls - Level 3
    Bio: Just starting out - looking for some friends
    Invite Code: 7E884Y
    Facebook Link:

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    Hi i just started playing ,

    please add me E37VYK


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    Please feel free to add me! I'm an old player, just started anew a couple of days ago. My code is M64J63.

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