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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    S9GMCC is my friend code. I am looking for friends that love to play the game. I'm at level 36

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    Hello everyone! I enjoy playing township on Android and would love you in my neighbourhood.
    My town name is Anilsville and currently at level 44. Playing regularly and will help anyone in need if possible.
    My invite code: GZK3NC
    You can add me as a friend on Facebook too:
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    Hi! I've been playing for a few months on my laptop (level 50), but recently started a new town so I could play on my iPad. Need some friends who are familiar with the game like I am. I help out as much as possible and will join a coop as soon as I get to that level. I play daily (check ins when I'm working and regularly on my days off).

    Mermaid Springs
    Level 14 as of 4/20/20

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    I would love to have new friends

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    Iā€™m on iOS. Add me up. Playing lots. Send lots of gifts. Friend code is z92cul Add me up

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    S9GMCC Is my Code. I use a kindle šŸ˜ Looking for TH friends to add. Maxed out

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    Looking to add friends, I play daily on IOS device. My code is F4LX78. Thanks

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    Please add me on Android
    my code is JAY32H

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    Hello. My name is James. Of course my town name is Jamssville. Level 64

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    Je cherche des joueurs qui se connectent tous les jours comme moi! šŸ˜ mon code RM7UM2

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