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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Jun 2018
    Name (what you like to be called): Boydy
    Town Name & Level: BoydyTown (for now) level 45
    Favorite Thing About Township: Socialisation and getting creative
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I have been playing for quite a while but I took a fairly decent break and came back to pretty well no friends in my list.

    Love to socialise so would also be open to people joining my newly created co op, not really big on the regatta atm. (wont go into too much talk about that in this thread though :P)

    Invite Code: R6NHFS

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    Jun 2018
    Would love some friends on this game. I try to help as often as I can.

    Code: MCTDJY

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    Level 47
    Active Daily and always helpful
    Jamie Town ( I know not very creative )
    Love the game not having much luck with the zoo so far
    Code 2EUE3V

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    Brand new...level 4 maybe
    Daily player
    Desperate need of friends
    code: AXZGUF

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    hey everyone! My name is Sabrina Mata, this is my facebook link

    I am level 35, I log in and play every day so I'm really active and I always look out for those who need help and try to fill train and airplane carts as frequently as possible! If you're interested, add me as a friend. Happy gaming everyone!

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    Tu dois cliquer sur l'icône/image "Ami" (avec les deux personnes sauf erreur), une fenêtre apparaît ...invitez des amis et là ton code personnel pour inviter des amis s'affiche.

    C'est ce code que tu peux inscrire si tu vas dans le forum "Discussion" puis "si vous recherchez des amis ...." en fonction de la plateforme sur laquelle tu joues à savoir si Android, iOS....un modèle du post pour passer l'annonce est donné.
    Il ne faut surtout pas faire d'erreur dans l'écriture du code en majuscule.

    Good game 😁.

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    I've reached my max of in game friends, but feel free to add me on Facebook!

    I'm level 82, Town name Anahita

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    Nov 2017

    Helpful friends are you ?

    Hi, hola, salut,

    To helpful gamers, welcome, bienvenuda, bienvenue.

    Aux joueurs actifs...Oyé 😃 !

    Mes code friend : CJ9GUP

    At soon ,😀 !

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    Let's be Township neighbors!
    To add me to your friends list, enter this code: Q6YWAW

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