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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Hello Name is Ray, aka Ray's Pixel Islands, started this game approximately 20 days ago and I am level 37. I lead a co-op with two amazing friends. We have a lot of laughs and enjoy helping each other. I am an old school dinosaur game player. I like the casual play here with the option to be competitive but only when it benefits the co-op and friends as a whole. My I.D. # 8NLWZM. My co-op tag I.D. PXWJ7X. Do not ever expect a Facebook link that's never going to happen. Thank you!

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    Looking for friends, lvl 26. Code 3DTXSA

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    Level 72, I play daily and help when I have items. Looking for friends who actually help also. Been dealing with ones that don't even send back the clovers....also looking to join a co-op where all participate. Love having fun but also love winning!! My code VXT87Y

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    Level 82 daily player
    500 + helps weekly max task 135 points

    Join my Co-op:
    barnyard Cupid Shuffle #RPUQV2
    135pt task max task
    Daily players
    Level 30

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    Name :Asha
    Lvl 23
    Just play to chill, new to game
    Please friend me.

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    привет. добавляйтесь в друзья bfpbv5

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    Level 25!! Fun game! Code is BV3VLM😁

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    Hello, looking for new friends that have approximately a 2:1 ratio of helps to trains sent. In other words, a high ratio of helps, roughly twice the number of helps as you have sent out trains. Long-time forum members have discussed this is a great yardstick to determine players that are the most helpful.

    If this sounds like you, or if you consider yourself a very helpful player who reciprocates helps and rewards friend help with gifts, then please send me a friend request.

    If you are not that active with helping other players, please do not send a request. I only have room for 50 friends. Thank you.

    I play in the Golden League; you will see 0 (zero) co-op helps because I play solo. I am in a solo co-op.

    My playing style is to send one plane per day, so I hold onto that plane all day long. Don’t worry—it will get sent; it always does.

    Please PM me or leave a message on my Visitor Wall regarding friendship requests. Thanks!
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    Be my neighbour! My code is TFS5JW

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    Level 34 now, my friends code is full please invite me through face book I'm working hard on increasing help ratio it's close to 1:1 right now. (I didnt really have but a couple friends at first, so want much chance to help.) I play daily, but far more on weekends.

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