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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Im new 8Q9X2C please add me

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    Code: ZH873j
    very active level 24 player will help on orders if you help me!

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    I'm on level 14 and looking for more players, I'm on kindle and my number is 9G4SPD. I try to play at least once a day, and send gifts. Thank You.

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    Hello..... I am a fairly new daily player to the game and it has kept up nights without fail but loving every minute of it.
    I am looking for friends.
    My town is TootingBec: Level 36 on iOS
    My invite code is 4MT3PD

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    Lvl 79 Very active, need friends. #QV376C

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    Android daily player:
    Name: Tatia
    Town Name & Level: Zarahemla lvl 66

    Favorite Thing About Township: It's a relaxing and fun game.

    Short Bio: I've been playing for over 1 year. I'm on everyday, and I help when requested. My team is down to 2 active members; myself & 1 other lady. We still do regattas every week. We're looking to either add members or join an active team.
    If you FR via FB, please message me & let me know who you are.

    Invite Code: ZKH8SF
    Facebook link:

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    I tried to add you, but it stated incorrect code.

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    Hello I am completely new to the game.

    Add me

    Code: HNVQF6

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    Name Gotham
    Town Name & Level Gotham level 51
    Favorite Thing About Township: the community
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: have fun and help when you can

    Invite Code: ME2 AJF

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    ciudad: doble 5
    voy empezando, nivel 14.
    Pero jugaré diario.

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