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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Jul 2018
    Please add code YXPDER

    Lvl 77 active player looking to expand friends list

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    Friend meeee

    Arasville level 15
    Need more android friends
    E9EBRZ my code

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    I think my Facebook has finally connected to my town, so if you want to add me, go ahead

    Search "Nevada Township" on Facebook and I'll pop right up.
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    I've reached my max friends, but I still have room for FB friends. Feel free to add me

    - Current level 89, a daily player.
    - Likes to help my friends.
    - FB:
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    Jul 2018
    Name (what you like to be called): boro boro
    Town Name & Level: 221b lv.39
    Favorite Thing About Township: making, building, co-ops etc... so I guess almost everything...
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: recently joined a new co-op and began a new chapter of this game. Right now thinking more friends, more fun.
    Willing to help how ever I can. So plz friend me

    Invite Code: TGJGKQ

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    I hope I’m doing this correctly!
    My name is Terry Lynn, I’m on level 53 and play on my iPad. I’m in need of more friends as I’ve maxed out on community friends. I love to compete and help each other in the Regattas. I’m currently in an amazing coop with great team players.
    Add me and don’t forget to like my Town (it’s a work in progress since I’ve focused on clearing enough land first).

    Let's be Township neighbors!
    To add me to your friends list, enter this code: SAEF2R

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    Hello! Looking for new iOS friends. I play on my iPhone or iPad through Game Center. My game is not connected to Facebook.

    Name (what you like to be called): Cat
    Town Name & Level: CatTopia, Level 40

    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I have been playing for about two months and have almost 700--make that more than 1000 helps. I like to help other players when I can. This is more difficult during the competitive special events or when my barn space is tight.

    I am looking for friends who -- like me, like to help their friends.

    If you found me via this thread and would like to send me a friend request, feel free to leave a visitor's message on my forum profile.
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    Let's become Township neighbors! I enjoy helping my fellow teammates and friends. Looking forward to have you as my township friend and neighbor.
    To add me to your friends list, enter this
    Invite code: KZDXRT I'm Under Villa Colombia.

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    Name: Tere (Terry)
    Town Name & Level:*Westside, level 64
    Favorite Thing About Township: My co-op (Celtic Salem Witchery) is family. The graphics are awesome - the rock climber, the animals, the people walking around, the traffic is so realistic!
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself:* I actually live in a town called Westside, I am not able to work, so am online most of the time. If I am not playing, I am reading.

    Invite Code:*E5PNY97

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    Ucpfm2 new to this if anyone is willing to add me. Lvl 11

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