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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    i need more friends. I can not add more in game friends unfortunately here is a link to my Facebook and don’t forget to like my town 😄😁

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    Ищю друзей и новых а главное активных союзников и друзей!!!

    мой код yrf295
    Приглашаю так же в союз для участия в регате, наш союз под названием " Дружба Народов" приходите не пожалеете)!
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    Hey! I've been playing for almost a year and now looking to get new friends and help more to grow my town faster. Feel free to add me, my code is JK6QNB I'm very active and supportive. Wll like your town in return
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    My code: Q8PTQT

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    Code - UH89MN
    Jac City, level 61, Zoo 12
    Active player, very helpful

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    Hello! I am a helpful player--currently level 43 with 1,475 helps--looking for friends who also like to help! My game is not connected to Facebook, so I am limited to 50 friends. If you aren't helpful, we won't be a good match.

    (I can't help people every time, but I like to help whenever I can.)

    I send out only ONE plane a day, so if you help my plane, please know it will get sent out before day's end. I send out several rounds of trains per day.

    My Friend Code and Co-op Codes are in my sig.

    Favorite Thing About Township: I enjoy the strategy and designing my town.

    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I like to help other players when I can. This is more difficult during the competitive special events or when my barn space is tight. I only send out one plane a day; this is a purposeful strategy of mine. I have sent 85 fully loaded planes in succession, building on the Reliable Wings IV achievement.

    I am looking for friends who -- like me, like to help their friends.

    If you found me via this thread and want to send me a friend request, feel free to leave a visitor's message on my forum profile or PM me. This will help me filter out potential friends who found me via this forum post versus random requests.
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    Hi! I'm from Raleigh, NC which is why I picked that as my town name. I've been playing since January 2018... I'm a stay at home mom of 4 so I'm almost always on the game. I help others when I can. I've maxed out my in-game friends and I'm looking to add more FB friends...

    NOTE: The FB listed is a gaming only profile. As of right now, I don't use it to chat.
    Co-op Name/Code: Chocolate Warriors - CHUD39
    Town Name/Code: $ ᖇᗩᒪᗴᎥǤᕼ, ᑎᑕ (107) - S67C3H
    Platform: Android


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    Angeville Joined today on Lv12 (I’m hooked)
    I play on iOS and I need more friends please add me..

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    Name - Kettering
    Town name - Kettering
    Addicted to township!
    Very active, leader of our co op looking for new members , friends, am very helpful.

    Invite code - DC35AH
    Im level 72

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange Marie View Post
    I play on iOS and I need more friends please add me..
    Added. My code: Q8PTQT

    Quote Originally Posted by Kettering View Post
    Very active, leader of our co op looking for new members , friends, am very helpful.
    You can't accept more friends.

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