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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    second time with the game I lost all my progress, got to level 72 played in regattas and helped coop and friends all the time
    now on level 18 and want to progress play daily, probably hourly
    Jill Wakefield on facebook

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    I’d love some friends who are active and play often (everyday if possible) to help out. I am on level 38. I play daily and help when I can, if I can. My town code is 6MMJL4. I play on iOS (iPhone 11 and iPad Pro). Hope to see ya there!

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    Lvl 41 LF friends.
    Dayli active

    Code QFUN9S

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    Привет всем. Я активный игрок lvl 43. Играю каждый день, помогаю друзьям, участвую в регатах. Есть свой союз #DRESE9
    Приглашаю активных участников в союз и в друзья мой Facebook
    Код в игре HEYYNM

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    Jan 2020
    My level is 17 now. I'm online all day. Please add me VLXTVA.

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    Name (what you like to be called): Jess
    Town Name & Level: Mitchville level 35
    Favorite Thing About Township: love everything about the game!
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: esthetics NP in Greenville, SC. If I’m now working, hanging with the boyfriend, or playing with the pup I’m playing Township!

    Invite Code: UDPN8K
    Facebook (direct link preferred*):

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    Hello i need more Active friends, i am Daily Active player with 25 000+ helps to a friends.

    City name: Janov (Honza)
    Lvl: 135
    My code: ADDN7X

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    Daily player! Need friends! Code: KAJXXG

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    Feb 2020
    Hi, I'm new to the game and addicted already!
    City Name: Crazy Town
    Lvl: 10
    My Code: rpzk9x

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    still looking for new township friends! Feel free to add me:

    - Current level 142, a daily player.
    - Likes to help my friends.
    - Code: E2NXB6
    - FB:

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