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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Or Facebook Here

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    Jul 2019
    Would be nice to add some more friends ! This is my code: KJ4YHY

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    Hello! According to the game I can't have anymore in-game friends, they must come from FB. My link is

    Name (what you like to be called): Tomecia or Tee
    Town Name & Level: Porterdale 98
    Favorite Thing About Township: Regattas
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself: I like to try and win those chests.

    Facebook (direct link preferred*):

    I do participate and try to play daily. I help my friends with requests and send gifts. I look forward to playing with you.

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    привет. ищу друзей по игре.

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    Доброго времени суток! Добавляйтесь все!!

    Имя: Влад
    Название союза/ co-op name: Goodfaery. Уровень/level 93
    Любимое занятие/favorite thing: отправлять самолёты/sending the planes off.

    Учавствую в регатах и событиях. Всегда готов помочь советом и продуктами.

    I race in regattas and take part in events. Always ready to help sharing goodies and experience.

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    So far I have 50 inline friends and one facebook friend. I would like to add more facebook friends.
    My level: 124
    My town: Hammabourgh
    My facebook link:

    I play every day and try to help all my friends whenever I can.


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    Hola me gustaria tener mas amigos, mi codigo es 6EXADB.

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    G'day, eh!!

    Lady Kendra here! Looking for some friends, natch. I DO have FB, but I prefer to not use it considering some recent confusions and conflagrations I've had btw here, FB, and the game.


    Name (what you like to be called):
    Lady Kendra
    Town Name & Level:
    Kendra's Village - Level 62
    Favorite Thing About Township:
    Fairly simple, nice combination of city-builder game and farmville, but more indepth.
    Short Bio/Introduce Yourself:
    I'm an open-minded mid-50s gal who likes her games, and likes finding peeps to get together with while enjoying playing games. Guess you could say I'm a "Gamer Gurl".

    Invite Code:

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    My township name is julesville and iplay all the time. Very dedicated and addicted to this game. I need neighbors.

    My code is 6xus66


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    Hi all, I'm mayor of Angletown. They call me A. I've been playing for a couple of years and am a SERIOUS daily player.
    I absolutely love playing in the regattas! I enjoy the prizes!!!
    My friend code is UP8AKX. Please join me and have a great day!
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    please add below 90 levels .. add me 456G59

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